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07-20-13, 12:33 PM
So I'm requesting guidance from experienced parents, here's the story:

My daughter is 8, we adopted her at birth and she had crack in her system (exposed, not addicted), additionally her bio-mom told us she drank a very small amount.

At 15 months we sought early intervention for her behaviors- namely sleep disabilities, agression towards other children & us, needing to be held constantly. She was dx'ed w/ sensory processing disorder.

At 2.5 we took her to a children's hospital out of state where she was d'ed w/ sensory processing & ADHD. Have been seeing the local children's psych (only one in town), he's been pressuring us for years to add FAS/E to her list of dx. Because the biomom disclosed alcohol to us, H would get the dx no matter what, but I've always been really reluctant because, well I don't know why, but it can be a fairly useless dx w/ other dx'es, and the last thing she needs is yet another label.

So this spring we were being pressured to retain her by the school, with the IEP they cannot w/o our blessing, we had a neuropsych eval done and she came up w/ learning disabilities and she referred to the alcohol too. Though I feel like people keep grasping onto that for no good reason. We did decided to retain her this year.

Fast forward to earlier this week. I found out that H's biomom is finally clean and has recently been dx'ed w/ bipolar and depression. So now I've been researching BiP non-stop & trying to figure out where to go w/ this info. My gut tells me to bypass our regular doc and go back to the children's hosp for an eval, my concerns are that they don't know her so would they miss something? I am not sure about our hometown doc though, I feel like he's just taking the easy way. I also can't figure out how she'd be dx'ed when her ADHD meds keep the rages down most of the time.

So in other words, what the heck to do? Based on the checklists I've found online, I feel there is a distinct possibility of BiP, but I'm no doc.

Thank you for slogging through this long post.

07-20-13, 02:36 PM
This sounds fairly complex. What I would suggest is to get a good assessment. It is hard to get a good handle on what is going on at age 2.5 and really below age 6. Some things will not show up until the child is older so an updated assessment is encouraged.

Some of the better sources of getting a good diagnosis and help area clinics connected with major universities and teaching hospitals.

Here is a list for Alaska. I don't know anything about the Providence Health System so I can't give much help on that.

Providence Health System Alaska (Anchorage)
Behavioral Health
Neuropsychology Services (
Program Notes: Serves adolescents and adults.
Providence Health System Alaska (Anchorage)
Behavioral Health
Child Adolescent and Family Services (
Program Notes: Serves children, adolescents and adults.
Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation (Bethel)
Pediatrics Clinic (
Program Notes: Serves children.
Providence Health System Alaska (Kodiak Island)
Counseling Center and Safe Harbor (
Program Notes: Serves children, adolescents and adults.

Providence Matanuska Health Care (Palmer)
Behavioral Medicine Group
( Notes: Serves children, adolescents and adults.
Providence Valdez Medical Center (Valdez)
Counseling Center
( Notes: Serves children, adolescents and adults.

Here is the whole list by state.

Keep plugging. One of the best tools for working with an ADHD child is a parent(s) who are determined to get help for their child.


07-20-13, 03:13 PM
When we took my granddaughter at age 6 to see a specialist for
developmental problems at a teaching hospital, we already had reams of
info from our family doc and from the therapists. We also had Connor's
reports from teachers and family.

Based on that background, family history, and his own observations the
doctor said he had no doubt of my granddaughter's diagnosis (atypical
autism and anxiety, possibly ADHD).

I would encourage you to take your daughter to the specialist at the
hospital now that you have additional family history from the bio mom.
Like my daughter and I, this is something you'll have to stay on top of,
and the specialist may have some recommendations for treatment that
your family doc isn't aware of.

07-21-13, 11:45 AM
Thanks to both, I think I will contact our primary doc to get the referral, I don't know a lot about Providence but looked at their web page, probably I want to go back to OHSU in Oregon where we had her first dx'ed