View Full Version : Do I have ADD & Asperger's Syndrome?

07-20-13, 02:59 PM
I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and I also find that I am almost oblivious to most forms social cues. I have symptoms of both ADD and Asperger's Syndrome with a 4.0 GPA in college.

My therapist said I am more worried about others think than understanding things. This is not true, I have hundreds of ideas and I do jump from topics, I also try to understand things and others.

I took the online and scored 148/200 meaning I am likely an Aspie. I want to stop feeling insane and understand why I fail so many relationships without understanding what happened. Sometimes I do understand and can reason, but I need more tools or something because my ADD tools do not always work or even help.

My biggest problem is obtaining a diagnosis because I am poor and on public health insurance. I have a job, but neither my job nor insurance cover mental health. What can I do?

How can obtain a professional and correct diagnosis without money?

07-20-13, 04:17 PM
There are organizations that may be of assistance to you. The Arc - - for example, might be able to help, especially if they have a chapter local to you.

The Autism Society might also be of help, again especially if they have a chapter local to you:

07-21-13, 04:39 AM
You mention a therapist; can you ask the therapist to focus on aspergers support/tools for a while?

07-21-13, 08:18 AM
took the same quiz.
Your Aspie score: 98 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 131 of 200
You seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits

that makes sense given ive always been told i have 'Autistic tendencies', but not a full diagnosis for anything in the Spectrum.

07-23-13, 12:40 AM
My Aspie score is 180 out of 200.

If you get down and depressed and even suicidal over not knowing what to say to people, not saying the right things or considering their feelings, then you may have Asperger's...and depression.