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07-22-13, 03:05 AM
Sounds easy enough, right? Pffffffffffft........:lol:

Managing symptoms under extreme conditions seems to come naturally to some of us, and others of us, not so much.

I can usually think pretty well under pressure in the immediate, but sustaining it trips me up.

This lady has her s*** together, knows exactly where she put it, and she's prepared for the long haul.

Impressive, and then it became a bit overwhelming. :faint:

But I'd sure love to be her neighbor when the SHTF!! :D

I don't think I've ever been this prepared, and don't see it all coming together quite like this for me, but she does offer useful info, free printable forms, and has it all broken down and easy to scan.

Look Like a PRO!

Starting with a Binder is a great place to start. Make one of these and haul it around everywhere and you will have my calling in no time! Itís the perfect place to put all these posts you are printing off Ė Hint-Hint ;) There is a PRINT button at the bottom of each post, I DARE you to Push it sometimes!

__________________________________________________ ______________
__________________________________________________ ______________


This tab you will be putting your Family Plan and everything that goes with it! If you donít have a plan yet, donít worry, I will bug you until you do!

INVENTORY Ė Here is where you put your inventory list of all the items in your food storage. At least once a year you need to review and update what you need to buy, change, or add.
DISTRIBUTORS - Put a list of all your supplies or places you order from. I keep a few extra order sheets and price lists here so I can have it next time I need to order.
ORGANIZE - You can make spreadsheets where your food is located in your house, ideas, or whatever helps you stay organized in this section.


Put all your Favorite Food Storage Recipes here, or at least the ones that are in your plan. You can categorize these however you like, but these are the categories I did:


__________________________________________________ ____________
__________________________________________________ ____________


Food is NO Good unless you know how to store it and preserve it. This section is dedicated for all your canning, dehydrating and other knowledge that helps you preserve and store your food.

You canít forget the emergency preparations that need to take place! This section is broken down to all the things you need to have or know how to do in those worst case scenarios. You never know when you might be without power, water, need to evacuate, or maybe even administer 1st Aid.

DISASTER KITS Ė Sometimes you need to leave home fast, put everything you need to take or get ready in this section.
ALTERNATIVE COOKING Ė Itís not always certain if youíll have power, especially after a natural disaster. Knowing some alternative cooking methods can make all the difference.
SANITATION - Sickness can take over quickly if sanitation procedures are not followed in a disaster. Do you know how to do laundry, have a back-up toilet, or enough hygiene products to keep everyone clean?
1ST AID/MEDICINE Ė Learning some basic 1st Aid knowledge can really benefit you, especially if getting to a doctor quickly is not an option.
DOCUMENTS Ė If you had to evacuate quickly what documents would you take? What about if you had your identity stolen? Take a little time now to know what to do before a disaster strikes!

Here's the link to an older thread I posted in 2011 about being ready for natural disasters. My first earthquake experience prompted it: