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02-18-05, 03:12 PM
I'm new to this forum. I foound this on Google, and I'm hoping some of my questions can be answered.
My daughter was diagnosed with ADD in September '04. My husband and I have struggled with her for about the past year to year and 1/2. We were determined that we were not putting her on medication. After her teacher had the paperwork drawn up to put her back into 2nd grade- after 3 weeks of 3rd grade, and my daughter having a panic attack, we decided something needed to be done.
She started with 20mg. of Metadate on Sept.4. We have an appt. with the Dr. for a med re-evaluation, as her teacher has informed us that she is starting to go backwards.

Here is my question... How long can you take the medication before your body becomes used to it?
Is 20mg's a big dose, or what is considered alot?
She doesn't like applesauce. I've tried Jello. She likes for me just to break the pill open on her tongue and swallow it with water. Does that hurt? Or should it be taken with some kind of food?


02-18-05, 04:07 PM
Tolerance does occur in some people, but generally people can take it for years and have the same effect at the same dosage. As a child get older and larger, they may need more to compensate. sometimes people find that an initial, smaller dosage works at first, but more is required a little later. 20mg doesn't seem like too much - the recommended maximum is around 1mg/kg/day, so 20mg would corespond to 44 lbs. How much does she weigh? Some people may take more than this amount - some simply need more than others.
She has been on Metadate for 5 months at 20mg per day and that has been working well until recently, is that my understanding? How is she going backwards? Anything else changed in her routine?
There should not be a problem taking the pills in the way you describe, if she likes to do it that way. It doesn't have to be taken with food.

02-18-05, 04:46 PM
Thank you for the response.

My daughter weighs 61 lbs.

I say she is going backwards, meaning, she is not as attentive as she was at first. Her handwriting is not as good as when she first started taking the meds, she is careless in her school work, and not paying attention or following directions like she has been. She was so proud of herself at what she was accomplishing. She just isn't quite the same.


02-18-05, 06:48 PM
It does sound like she could benefit from a higher dose. When the doctor started her out on it, did he adjust the dosage at all, or did he just prescribe 20mg/day and leave it at that? For everyone there is an "ideal" dose, where you get the most benefit from the meds, and beyond which the symptoms get worse instread of better (too much stimulant can be as bad or worse than none at all). The only way you can figure out what this is is via trial and error - and it's harder for children since someone else has to judge what works best whereas in an adult it's a matter of what feels best.
I would bet that upon consultation, her doctor will up the dose to around 30mg/day, which is certainly within limits given her weight of 61lbs (27.7 kg).
I woundn't worry just yet about tolerance building up, but if you find that a pattern of increasing dosage is necessary for the same effects, then tolerance could indead be a problem.