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07-26-13, 10:54 PM

I've heard that certain foods can help with ADD symptoms/enhance ADD medications. Does anyone know which foods specifically can help? I've heard of eating more protein and less citric foods as a general rule of thumb, but I'm looking for more specific guidelines. I'm currently on Focalin IR 10 m.g. twice a day.


07-26-13, 11:00 PM
Citric acid is only a problem (as I understand it) if you're taking Adderall, because it interferes with the medication. In general, I don't think it has much of an effect on ADHD symptoms -- and foods containing it are often good for you!

Generally eating a healthy, balanced diet, staying away from junk food and alcohol, and avoiding foods you may be sensitive to (food allergies, dyes or additives that you suspect you react to) can all be helpful in ensuring you're functioning at your best.

Occasionally, these changes will be enough to reduce symptoms to a sub-clinical level, though that's definitely the exception rather than the rule. Still, doesn't hurt!

07-27-13, 03:42 AM
ADHD assistance through alleviation of physical stress (proper diet, lifestyle factors)
ADHD assistance through alleviation of psychological stress (generating a fair society)
ADHD assistance through alleviation of higher stress (generating a pair-bond)

ie through intervention at the level of body or mind or spirit

... ... however intervention at the body OR mind OR spirit won't work
- we need intervention at the body AND mind AND spirit

-- because if one is off - it'll knock the others out of place.

So - under chronic psych. stress we eat pure sugar/processed carbs.
Under spiritual stress - we're depressed (under psych. stress) - drive ourselves to eat pure sugar/processed carbs/comfort foods ... ... ...

So ... ... dietary and lifestyle amendments (I think) are 1/3 of the treatment to ADHD.

Ultimately the solution to ADHD is to be happy - but being happy takes an extraordinary amount of work at the individual and species level.

Not ideal - our wellbeing is lifted out of our own hands - and dependent on how wwell we can structure a physical, social global (maybe even Universal environment) which we're happy in.

For some reason I'm worrying about precious raw materials circulating as junk or being ejected into the Universe (satellites etc) ... ... away from the planet.

We're the ultimate throwaway culture.

Just watching this series:
it could well be described as the horrible rubbish tips man creates in paradise.

Last episode - the coral reef islands in the Maldives which're used to house rubbish ... ... to the current episode of entire tracts of ocean which're used by the planet to dump 'dead' ships upon in Bangladesh.

Human beings are really nasty dirty things.

The commonality - we're supposed to be living with a physical eorld which is evolutionary in nature (other human beings, animals, plants, forests) etc ie evolutionary things which have 'recycling' built in
- and we're meant to be living with high bandwidth information flow (communication, music, art, science) ie stuff which has no physical imprint.

Our big error is everything to do with physical world manufacturing/industry.

So - the world I see is a lovely phsyical environment of the products of natural evolution which can be recycled by nature - with man exerting our own ingenuity towards developing systems for our own entertainment without physical footprint
- so that'd be the world we're approaching of software without hardware.

We're nearly there - 4g+ wireless networks and cloud architcture and projection (coming in with the next range of mobile phones) -
shifts the manufacturing/industrial world out of the window.

Full credit to Steve Jobs for shift to retina display - and also to pushing the first generation ipod into global consicousness
- it's now time to go the full hog -

and *kill* off manufacturing industry.

It's important to note - that the global economic system is uniquely orientated towards manufacturing industry.

Doesn't work in the informational realm - which is why we're about to observe a highly engineered elimination of the global economic system (ie money) soon.
It can't work in the approaching world.