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07-28-13, 03:38 PM
Hello everyone this is my first post, I am currently taking 2 mg of generic klono for 3 years for anxiety and I have recently been put on generic Wellbutrin Xl to combat depression and klonopins lethargic effects, this is day 13, the first 4 days I felt better, not AMAZING but good enough to have small talk, then day 5 came and I felt irritated and had severe anxiety, after that my mood has been unstable, although I can say one day I took an extra klonopin at 3pm when i felt anxiety flushing in and for the first time in 2 years I felt ALIVE, nervous but the good type, and was engaging every customer at work (even went on a date out of the blue) I was just so happy, but I am not sure if I want to overdue the Klonopin so i've been taking my normal doses and I have not been as bad but i still am feeling jittery, anxiety side effects and although i feel a bit more active i am not feeling much better, I have an appointment with the shrink tuesday, so I would like to know if I should give wellbutrin more time, if so how long because I REALLLY want it to work and are these side effects common? and go away? I've read stuff here and there but I wanted to talk about my does and if there is any tweaking i should do, any feedback would be great as I live alone in Flo and have little to no family support (they live in Puerto Rico) so yea... this was long, any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated as i feel a lil out of it, thank you

07-28-13, 08:44 PM
I have been on wellbutrin for months now and sometimes I wonder if it is still kickin' in.
Don't expect it to really work until about 4-6 weeks.

I like my wellbutrin, seems to eliminate doom thoughts, and satisfies my mind, what I mean is that I don't feel like a got to always drink or smoke something in front of the computer, I have scabs and bumps that went away because I could finally stop picking or squeezing. I had a crusty scab for about 3 years on the back of my neck, always picking at it, a few weeks of the 'bup' and it started healing, it's gone now.
I want a crabby patty!

07-29-13, 04:26 AM
for me, wellbutrin made me very agitated.

07-29-13, 09:50 AM
for me, wellbutrin made me very agitated.

Yes I have that too, it agitates me, then makes me anxious, then drugged up, if I take a third 1mg klonopin in the middle of the day, i feel amazing, but I was initially given this to combat depression and the benzo's lethargic feeling it gives, the thought was to combat depression and be more active while the benzo would cancel any anxiety wellbutrin may cause. Did you get better on it? give it enough weeks? I am hoping it balances out but right now it's not working really well.