View Full Version : Growing Microgreens and Bean Sprouts

07-29-13, 02:30 AM
Some short, sweet instructional tips on how to grow both for anyone interested.

You can grow both inside, with very little expense and time (even free to get started if you know others that grow them & some communities have seed share programs), and the attention required and maintenance is fairly minimal. Bonus!

A tasty addition to salad greens, use on sandwiches, in smoothies, juicing, etc.

It is this short growth span that makes microgreens possible to produce on even the darkest windowsills through the dingiest months of the year.

Even the most beginner seed starter can take this growing project on since the plants only need to be kept alive for a few weeks tops. Unlike growing full-sized plants, itís not the end of the world if they grow a little leggy (thin and stretchy) in the process.

Excellent instructional video that includes the bean sprouting instructions (also has microgreen stuff) (6:00):

Happy sproutin'!