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07-29-13, 10:04 PM
I need to write an essay on ADHD. And I need a good introduction for it. I'm just writing an essay, not a research paper or report, so I'm looking for something like how a person would act with ADHD, or just a description of someone with ADHD that would catch people's eye...Thanks

07-29-13, 11:31 PM
Have you done some research on ADHD? (Even if it's only an "essay", not a "research paper", some background research will help you write a better essay.)

If so, you can probably answer these questions:
- What are the defining features of the disorder?
- What are some characteristic difficulties that someone with ADHD might encounter in daily life?
- How might these difficulties appear to others, and how might they cause larger problems in the person's life?

These (along with some of the posts on ADDF and your imagination) might help you craft an introductory paragraph.

Or, if you have ADHD yourself, you could perhaps use an example from your own life that captures the essence of the condition. (Anonymized, if you prefer.)