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08-02-13, 02:02 AM
Has anyone here tried inositol? I just ran across it on WedMD while looking for supplements for OCD. It says it works for depression (as a short-term treatment). OCD, ADHD, autism, diabetic nerve pain, and several other conditions. There are no major side effects listed, unless you have bipolar or at pregnant/nursing. Most of the reviews were good.

On the other hand, there seems to be very little information on the internet about it, and there are not as many vendors selling it as with other supplements.

For those who have used it, is the dosing information on WebMD correct? 12 to 18 GRAMS per day? (That's 12,000- 18,000 mg!) that seems like a huge amount, especially since it seems to come most commonly in 500 mg pills (24+ pills/day) or 237 g bottles of powder (two bottles/month).

Thanks for any information or experiences you can share.

08-07-13, 10:24 PM
That seems like an awful lot to be taken. It's in l-theanine by NOW supplement which I take at night to help me sleep, not sure how much...maybe 150 mg. But it seems to work nicely with the theanine and tastes like sugar.

08-08-13, 09:02 PM
Thanks for your reply. I am glad to hear that the inositol and theanine is working well for you.

12-18 g does some like a large amount, but I did some more research and found those amounts mentioned in two other sources: - Describes the use of inositol for treating OCD (no mention of ADHD), and gives a schedule for working up to an optimum dosage, the highest one being 18 g/day. - A medical journal abstract describing a series of studies with inositol, treating various psychiatric disorders. The highest dosages used in these studies were
12 g /day for depression
12 g /day for panic disorder
18 g /day for OCD
6 g /day for Alzheimer's
200 mg /kg body weight /day for children with Hyperactive ADHD
200 mg /kg body weight /day for children with autism
The studies concluded that inositol worked for depression, panic disorder, and OCD, but not for Alzheimer's, Hyperactive ADHD and autism. However, it sounds like the methods use were different for each study, so I'm not sure that these results are 100% conclusive.

With regards to safety, the abstract says that "No changes were noted in hematology, kidney or liver function" in the patients in the depression study.

Strangely, whenever I see it offered as a supplement, it is packaged in much smaller dosages. This website (, which talks about inositol as a supplement, recommends about 1 g/day, and says that it will provide relief from depression and anxiety. Maybe, for people who are not already mentally ill, a lower dosage works. It might also be that websites targeting the general consumer don't want to recommend higher dosages because it might lead more-or-less healthy patients to take more than they need.

I am planning on giving this a try this after I try phosphatidylserine. It will probably be a few months, but I will report back here when I have tried it.

08-10-13, 07:32 PM
Interesting...only reason I'm being careful about it is that it tastes like sugar and I'm not supposed to have any. As for phosphatidyl serine - I took that stuff for a year, no benefits noticed. Was supposed to reduce cortisol...didn't do shi* but YMMV

09-26-13, 07:17 AM
I got some of this to help with a skin picking habit which i developed as a side effect of taking dexedrine as i read that it was effective for trichotillomania and OCD. However i think there is more research now to say that its not effective for dexedrine induced motor behaviour.
in fact there have been studies done in which inositol worsened ADHD symptoms. But i think those studies were done on children, it was a small sample size and they took rather large doses.
Im pretty sure it elevates my mood slightly but at the same has worsened my adhd and makes me talk over the top of other people and butt to conversations more, this implicating that it has worsened my impulsivity.
I am taking a very low dose 600mg per day though which is much less than people took in most studies so i cant say for sure if the inositol is making me act/feel this way.