View Full Version : 11th International ADHD Conference - UK

08-06-13, 07:53 AM
Hey guys,

So, I went last year for the first time and can honestly say it was AMAZING! Very inspirational. ADHD celebrity Ashley Mckenzie and his Mum spoke at the end and it was extremely heart felt. I met lots of amazing people that i've remained in contact with =).

It's now open for booking this year and includes people such as the ADD Crusher whom has given tedtalks on ADHD. As well as Kevin Roberts whom if anyone has seen his speeches know he is dam right AMAZING, has ADHD himself, has been an adhd coach for years and has a degree in adhd. His talk last year had be in stitches =). (

People who book before the 15th of August receive a 15 voucher to spend at the bookshop (which is there on the day).

Prices include food on each day (which was a huge buffet last year and really good).

As a little tip, ADDISS membership is 30 so if you get that you can get the discounted ticket making the 3 day conference 150. At 50 a day including food and a day of events, it's a pretty awesome deal and there's usually lots of friendly people to meet at the bar towards the end!