View Full Version : Anyone want to Chat??

02-20-05, 11:13 PM
contact me if you do!

03-14-05, 02:36 PM
I am totally new to this forum, and I have a restricted abbonement due to virus I think from my IPS. Can not send mails, no chat no p2p. But I am desperately in need too talk about my ADD. Starting medication soon...But I doont know where to find my incoming messenges. Im am too messy in my head. I can take incoming mail though url removed by moderator, please read forum guidelines.

03-15-05, 09:59 PM
Where is everyone in the chat???? NOT:p

last night no one...tonight no one.??? Come on people lets chat..:cool:

03-15-05, 10:17 PM
ill chat