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08-09-13, 01:38 PM
There will be an Adults with ADHD/ADD meet up on 8/18 from 1-3 at Stinson Park in Aksarben. Will be family friendly and is a good way to connect with other Adults with ADHD/ADD in the Omaha Metro Area.

Feel free to contact me via PM if you have questions.


08-09-13, 02:38 PM
I'm not from that area, but I wonder if there are meetings in my area?

If there was, I wonder how many people would be there that I already know?

If they already knew me and I walked in, they would say,
"Oh, I knew he was AD(H)D!"

Not that I care.

What do you do at an AD(H)D meeting? I could tell stories for answers!

I know, I ask too many questions!

08-09-13, 03:03 PM
No one wants to meet up with you, TMoney..haha..jk

08-09-13, 03:15 PM
No one wants to meet up with you, TMoney..haha..jk

You know the good thing is at this point in my life I have accepted it and there is no more denial!
Once you meet me, I can understand if you don't like me, but if you haven't met me yet, you have to give me achnace to annoy you first!
Then I can understand you not liking me!

It's even to the point where I annoy myself!

It's like the guy who told his psychiatrist, "Everyone hates me!"
The psychiatrist says "that's ridiculous, everyone hasn't met you yet!"

08-09-13, 03:19 PM
I was kidding.. I like what I know of you so far.

I think an ADHD meeting/support group would be great.. because I only know one other person in my real life with it.