View Full Version : Awful Response to Paxil - Pristiq Now?

08-10-13, 06:56 PM
Well, I just gave up on Paxil six days into treatment. I felt so on edge and nauseous I wanted to strangle somebody. The thing is, I've just recovered from major, suicidal depression and though I take Remeron, I'm worried it won't be enough by itself and don't want to relapse.

I've never tried an SNRI and I've just about settled on Pristiq. Studies have shown it to have peak efficasy at the intitial dose of 50mg, so there's no need for titration. Also, I haven't responded well to several SSRIs.

Anybody take Pristiq with stimulants? How did you respond, etc...?

10-21-13, 08:40 AM
I never got any noticable change on Pristiq, but I was taking it with my Dex tablets when I was first diagnosed ADD and didn't have any negative side effects combining the two.

I no longer take the Pristiq.

11-08-13, 03:04 PM
I took Pristiq for about one year. My doc started me on Effexor but it caused horrible sweating. The Pristiq also caused me to sweat a lot, but not as bad as the Effexor. After a year on the Pristiq, I decided to taper off. It did help with my depression, but I felt like a zombie. I was constantly tired and spent most of my time on the couch.

I'm now on Lexapro and it seems to be doing much better. I am no longer having any issues with sweating and I have much more energy.

11-08-13, 08:25 PM
I take vyvanse 30mg and pristiq 50mg. I like the combo. It works for me. Takes the edge off of the stimulant. I take the vyvanse in the morning and the pristiq before bed. Been on them for 2 weeks. First day sucked but I think that was due to only taking the vyvanse. If I had it to do over again I would have taken the pristiq the night before beginning vyvanse. This also may have been an effect of coming off adderall ir.

I'm always in a good mood now but wonder if I'm emotionally shut down. I rationalize that I was so emotional before so this is simply how normal people feel. Pristiq took about 3 days to really kick in. Had a couple panic attacks the first couple days but that was due to external stress.

YouTube Russell Barkley. This was his med recommendation for my symptom cluster, ADHDpi and AvPD, but should cover other general anxiety/depression that is still present after stimulant treatment.

I don't get super excited but I don't get down on myself either.

If you think it's a good idea try it.