View Full Version : Help! Severe Insomnia! Starting to look like a zombie!

08-12-13, 12:42 AM
Ok so since June 2012 to NOWnI've hardly gotten any sleep.

If i do, i can only get a 2hr nap. It's not mt ADHD meds!
I share a room with a meth addicted family member and faced violence.

My regular normal/healthy sleep pattern was completely destroyed.

I have tried all the relaxation techniques/ remedies/ otc sleep aids.

Anyways my stress has gone down but the after math is "ahhhhhhhh!"

I think my last alternative is going to my family physician,(i have no psych, only a college one but they're closed for the summer & psychiatrist are too expensive), and ask for help and possibly a sleep aid & i'll bring all the police reports/ court records to prove it. Scholl starts on 'Aug.26.' and i want to adjust my and fix mysleeping patterns.

I've tried benadryl, melatonin, visatril, bonine,.fioricet.. And it= crap
I've gained 41lbs !!!!!!

I hate looking like a zombie b/c i think it gives people who take adhd meds a bad name b/c the meds are already so stigmatized and i dont wsnt people to think im abusing them. also, no pharmscist would like to see my huge dark under eye circles(im pale, so yeah)

I hope Family Physician can help me. Im 20yrs old but i look like a 14-16yr old in person, so idk if he'll consider prescribing sleep aids. Hes's ben my Doc since i was 8yrs old, he knows my whole families name and his wife and my mom are friends.

My eyes hurt & burn so much. Mr sandman has bandoned me

08-15-13, 03:00 AM
You need to move to have peace of mind, do you work? I'd get out of there fast.