View Full Version : ADHD prescriptions rise sparks 'smart drug' fears

08-13-13, 08:58 AM
Today's news story

Prescriptions up 56% from 2007.

Time for somebody to work out what ADHD is.

It isn't hard.

08-13-13, 09:11 AM
What did ADHD meds do to me ?
They stopped me feeling stressed so I could concentrate.

An underlying level of stress (caused by the task which one is required to put one's mind to) completely disrupts the capacity to concentrate.

Try harder - achieve less and less.

Problem is - is that the ADDer's mind isn't being spoken to by the mind-requiring task which the ADDer is expected to apply him/her self to -
- and so cannot comply.

Now - why are nonADDers able to comply, and ADDers aren't ?
Simply - there's a different repeating logical component/structure of mind which makes up mind - which entails that we need longer to develop a better logical structure.
To be fair - nonADDer can attain ADDer structure of mind - the ADDer though is predisposed to it.

The ADDer takes more context for our/their mind to grab ahold of some new idea
- we take longer to get better.

The idea is similar to the idea that we cannot climb up the outside of a building until the lift has been put in.

Expecting us to be able to - brings on great stress
- the ADDer mind lives in a state of (especially as a kid) - but why ? but I don't appear to understand what's going on ? I don't appear to understand what's expected of me ? I really just don't get it ?

Where this simply relates to the structure of mind which we support requiring increased connections/links to other regions of mind
- to anchor any given 'nation'.

Another way of putting it - is that we aren't predisposed to analysing a problem in isolation
- because we see that no idea can be analysed in isolation.
Which isn't to say that we can't analyse an idea in isolation
- just that we need the big picture sufficiently that we know that we can examine the idea in isolation.

The precursor to ADDer mind (nonADDer mind??) can analyse ideas in isolation without knowing whether ideas may be analysed in isolation.


In a fully connected world - ignoring factors had better be ignored because we're absolutely sure that they have no (signficant) impact on the question we're striving to answer.