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An alternative ending might read
'the difference between exhibiting addictive behaviours rests in whether one sees the world as park or cage'
'the difference between exhibiting addictive behaviours rests in whether the world is your park or cage'

- that is - that there's no way of re- characterizing a cage as a park
- a cage is a cage, and a park - a park.

The cage becomes a park with the elimination of wage slavery.

Eliminate money, social hierarchy and Ensure survival essentials to all as a birthright.

Simplest possible intervention - survival essentials to all.
Soon thereafter money and social hierarchy will cease to be tenable.

Nobody in their right mind 'd go into debt if they've the choice not to - neatly wiping out money (which rests on the debt mechanism).

And as long as all people have their survival essentials met - there can be no social hierarchy
- because there's no stick for the rich to beat the poor - without money.

If you want your toilets cleaned - you do had better go do it yourselves - because there will no longer be anybody out there who's in such severe trouble that they're forced to lower themselves into, what is effectively slavery - to live their lives.

And if there's nobody out there who you can pay to do your dirty work - then you had better age healthily -
there really is nobody to pick up the tab.

Pure ketogenic (moral,fasting,exercising,vegan ketogenic eating) living.

The midichlorian is nurtured by the most austere of Jedi knights; 15% of human bodyweight is midichlorian.

Game over.