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07-21-03, 07:50 PM
Yesterday....I put on the first coat of paint on a hutch I started painting a year ago (1 year ago I put on a base coat) And it looks very good..

I also cleaned out some junk from one of the shelves in this hutch. I found 2 savings books I started for my kids in 1997, they each had about $40.00 in them !

Went to the back,money's gone from almost 7 years of non use. Not only did I start the books in 1997, I also forgot about them in

I knew you'd all get a laugh at


07-21-03, 08:30 PM
you should still be able to get the money

it goes to a dormant account

there is a web site I saw whetre you can track dormant accounts

cant remeber it right now but maybe someelse might know of it

40 * 2= $80 maybe plus interest = a night out on the town or a movie night in

Congradulations on the paint job

do you have a digital camer or does a friend

show us a picture

you should be proud

07-22-03, 07:08 AM
I'm ahead of ya Garry...Checked out that site and called the State. They don't have the money ! The bank took it, each week I didn't keep $100.00 in the savings acct. they took out $2.00 !...

Yes we do have a digital cam. I'll take a pic as soon as my daughter gets out of bed, hands over the rechargable batt. she took out of it for her CD player And takes the pic. and down loads it for

I've been shown once how to do it, it was not enough times for me. My husband and daughter are very lucky, their brains only need to be shown once and off they go,with what ever they do....
They get frustrated with me, not so much my daughter as my husband so I don't keep asking how to do it.....

07-22-03, 07:16 AM
I'm proud of you too!
I can share your joy,
sort of,
I've been stripping the paint off a chair ~ it looks really good
But,i've gotten to a point where the remaining paint is practically impossible to get to.
So it's sitting in my hallway with a stew pot on it!

07-22-03, 10:10 AM
congrats on the painting, y'all! i've also been slowly but steadily painting the different rooms in my house. when i finally do finish all that i want to do to the walls, it'll be very eclectic and unique--just my style!

let's carry on--we can do it! :D

07-22-03, 11:26 AM
Good deal Paula....:)

07-26-03, 09:29 PM
I poured the cement for my driveway today ( a fair size driveway/patio combination) and I commented to my wife that that would probably be my last Major Project that has a time element attached to it (you only have so much time before the cement starts to set up )

As much as I hate to admit it I'm not 18 anymore and these projects are starting to take there toll on my body

It was 7 hours from start to finish but it took another 6 hours to recuperate to the point of not thinking I was just about dead

07-26-03, 09:34 PM
I went out on Friday to get the counter top for my new computer room. When I spoke on the phone to the company that was making the counter top he quoted $367.00. When I got to the shop and seen a couple of other ideas that I would like Incorporated into the counter top I walked out of the shop with my new counter top and $565.00. only $198.00 worth of changes

But now I have 32 feet of desk space in a U shape with 2 beveled corners

oh by the way my wife likes the counter but I don't think she was real impressed.

Luckily for me this is the money I got for selling my motorcycle at the yard sale.

Grin :D