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the dave
08-15-13, 08:31 PM
i sit and read, in a blue room that mirrors the sky,
where seagulls cawing, fly, above a translucent sea,
the waves brought in placidly, on time's 'immemorial' golden beach,
where children play, unseen,
a pale blue eye watches feverishly-
from a mind of afterlife,
and back again on time's road,
bejeweled and burnt
as numbers stride by, the places on highway signs
and stop signs. all these signs
woven from their fabric of their lives.

and now she stops,
to see the air and feel the stillness,
to try and connect with the last witness
who saw the old world left behind,
when ‘they’ began to lie.
when they turned off the lights
?who may know the turn off, the old country lane,
the spaces between like late epiphanies
the setting sun, that warm glow,
then to finally come home
to hug the aching memory of those left behind and lost.
and living, still, in silence.