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08-19-13, 11:23 PM
During summer 2011, I applied for and got a job working at the enrichment camp run by an after school program I'd worked for during the previous school year.
The position was that of "Art Specialist". Basically, I had to plan a 10 week art curriculum for 90 kids, ages 5-14, that would include both short term and long term projects, determine the materials needed to complete the plans, order said materials, and keep it all under a $500 budget. With 90 kids a day, 3 days a week, for 10 weeks, that ends up being less than $0.17 per project, per kid.

I not only managed to pull it off, I was damn good at it, and really enjoyed it.

So, when I lost my job the following spring, I decided to go back to school and earn my degree in Art Education. Thing was, I'd not taken an art class since middle school. I have a huge amount of natural creativity and I could show kids how to make amazing things out of almost nothing at all in terms of supplies... but I couldn't draw from life or make anything look "real". I was a doodler, not a sketch artist.
But, I enrolled in Beginners Drawing with the hopes of developing some basic skills. The first day of class was a major let down. the teacher who had been scheduled to teach had to drop the course and our fill-in was neither skilled at drawing, nor informed (or even aware of) the techniques we were supposed to be learning, according to the course description.
After the third class, it was clear we wouldn't be learning anything useful so, I started teaching myself through online tutorials and books.
I stunned myself with the results.

I went on to take photography I, which I might have been able to just submit a portfolio for and skip onto Photography II (given that I've been a trained portrait photographer for almost a decade and even managed a studio for one of the top grossing national chains) but I chose to take it anyway, because photography is incredibly fun for me. Really, besides making enormous soap bubbles the size of trucks, it's my favorite thing to do in my spare time.
Our first assignment was to shoot a self portrait - something I'd never done before. More than just that though, we were told to "capture ourselves in a way that makes us vulnerable to the viewer". I think I did Ok.

Now, I'm absolutely certain that there are TONS of far more gifted and experienced artists roaming this forum than I can ever hope to become... so, anyone got any critiques? constructive criticism? Suggestions for improving my work? I would love to continue refining my skills... please do offer any ideas you might have, thanks!

08-20-13, 12:43 AM
I'm not more gifted, nor more experienced in either area, but I'm in love with the owl picture and damn impressed with the self-taught drawing skills! Good capture on the vulnerability shot, too.

08-20-13, 05:41 AM
Apparently, you can draw beautifully!!! :eek:

I love the owl and also the photo. It just looks so real somehow, you know?

08-20-13, 07:31 AM
My lord! What a revelation :)

08-20-13, 08:24 AM
I have always said everyone has a hidden talent a gift that needs to be explored. You searched it out and found that treasure that was given you. You have a great talent. Keep after it.

08-26-13, 04:12 PM
I have always said everyone has a hidden talent a gift that needs to be explored. You searched it out and found that treasure that was given you. You have a great talent. Keep after it.

Thanks (and thanks to you all for the kind words and compliments) but I may be re-thinking my educational goals soon... I've signed up for an entrepreneurship/small business management class this semester. I may end up attempting to turn my sole proprietor bubble business into a bubble empire!
I mean, why not? I've got the Guinness World Record title for largest free floating soap bubble now, and the public interest in both my party services, as well as my bubble concentrate retail product, have skyrocketed in the 4 months since I started the business. It's been one heck of a summer! Now, if I can just get a handle on the boring business end of it, work toward expanding into new venues and hone my skills at small-scale bubble tricks and such for indoor bubble shows, I should be able to operate year-round.
Still, I do want to at very least finish my associates degree.
I'm more than half way there... would be a shame to give it up, in the pursuit of something else, now.

08-26-13, 07:33 PM
Bubble, You are so extremely talented! What a gift! Love all your artwork, really beautiful.

My nephew (23) who is living with me started Art school 6 months ago. He is also extremely talented. He seems to have 10 times the talent of his peers in art school, which really surprised him. LIke me, he has ADHD. He is extremely focused on art, which makes a difference of course.

You can certainly grow your business, but I don't think you should give up on art! Good luck! :)