View Full Version : Help for teenager with sensory problems

08-21-13, 03:21 PM
Hi - I've posted a great big post in the diagnosis and medication board but will keep this one short. My middle son, Dan (16) is being assessed for ASD, ADHD and sensory processing disorder. He has a big problem with chewing - clothing, bag straps, pencils, and now more worryingly metal drinks cans. He also has some significant sensitivity to certain sensations - can't stand having his back touched (particularly light touch), his hair touched and certain fabrics and clothing. We once bought a new sofa and had to return it as he couldn't even sit on it. He can't stand wearing a coat and therefore has refused since he was young, meaning he's often dressed inappropriately for the weather. He struggles with what he describes as multiple layers of noise too, using headphones to block them out but if that's not possible he gets agitated and anxious. I have seen an awful lot of things to buy for young children - chewy necklaces and the likes, but nothing relevant to older teens. I was wondering if you had any ideas?

Thanks in advance!