View Full Version : Ritalin works, Strattera works, but not Concerta, anyone?

08-22-13, 04:42 PM
Wondering if anyone has tried these three drugs and found that Ritalin worked, Strattera worked, but not Concerta? I have tried Ritalin, which worked very well, Concerta did not work at all, and now my psychiatrist wants to have me try Strattera. I initially objected to this because it sounded like just an even longer-acting methylphenidate, so if only the short-acting has worked so far, why would this work? With Concerta I seemed to develop tolerance very quickly, which I didn't with Ritalin. I think the way it's released evenly all day causes my brain to grow accustomed to it immediately.

My psych won't prescribe me Ritalin because she doesn't believe in it, but prescribed me Ritalin-LA. I decided that if my Ritalin-LA prescription doesn't work out due to insurance coverage, I will try Strattera. But is there any evidence to suggest whether Strattera would work for me based on experiences with previous drugs? I have to wait 2 weeks to find out once I start it, and I do not have time nor patience right now. I've already wasted nearly a year experimenting with drugs after Ritalin thanks to this psych.