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08-25-13, 03:04 PM
It has been three years since I graduated from high school. I stopped being as active and had more control of what I would eat and when. So I didn't exactly make the best choices. Then it happened, I recently underwent the largest weight gain of my life! I have always been very active, in sports and on my own. I would do rigorous runs that ranged anywhere from 4 to 10 miles. So it was a shock when I stepped on the scale to see the numbers ONE SEVENTY-EIGHT starring me dead in the face. I knew I had gotten a little heavy but I wasnt aware at how bad I was letting myself go. Being 5 foot 2 inces, 178 pounds is not exactly easy to carry around. I went from 125 to 178 in the matter of two years.

Before the noticable weight gain (about 150 or so)I had started doing a variety of different workouts, my husband became a personal trainer to help us have the understanding of what exactly we were doing. As time went on we started really trying to figure out the best way to get ourselves going. For several months no real change. Now I'm very athletic so I was able to do workouts of all types no problem, but the next day was terrible i was completely full of soreness and tension all over my body. I also disliked doing workouts I considered easy. So little by little I stopped going to the gym and eventually found myself watching unbelievable amounts of tv and eating uncontrollably. I felt as if I lost it. I didnt have the desire to work out and lost hope. Thats how I got worst and it felt like I had no control and just decided to not do anything anymore. At this time I still hadnt been diagnosed yet and my husband who noticed my symptoms urged me to get checked.

I had started getting health problems related to my weight and I was a lot more moody and felt just lack of motivation. So it came up, are you having any anxiety? I thought about it (I had a hesitation because I had been raised with the mindset that you dont want to get diagnosed crazy)yes I answered. He asked if I wanted to speak to a counseler right then and there and I said yes. Out of no where I had a panic attack could not stop crying and felt all my emotions weigh heavy on me. Later on it was discovered that I have ADHD and because of my upbringing, I had developed an anxiety disorder. So basically I had typical ADHD struggles but my parents didnt know how to handle it and in turn had excessive amounts of emotional abuse. All this is from a lack of knowledge of ADHD and its effects.

So I have been taking medication for both of these conditions and been really doing some real therapy. With a mixture of counseling, reconnecting with family, and really looking at my own code of ethics. I started to strive for change.

Where my motivation came from:
Then one day I was feeling an anxiety attack come on and I tend to have them internally. Only way to tell is my heart rate suddenly increases, I start burning up, and throbbing chest pains along with other symptoms. (awesome to now recognize I'm having an anxiety attack) As I feel it about to start, due to a current stress I was undergoing I decided to go for a jog. Usually I dont have an issue even a few months prior but this time was different. I was having trouble breathing, my legs just couldnt do it and I felt so heavy. That was it, I could not run for longer then a minute. Then I made a choice. The choice was to not let this happen to me!

So Ive been working a little more consistent the past month and a half but these past two weeks have been very consistent. So I work out for 2-3 days and rest one day and continue. I feel I have found my routine and this morning during my jog. I wasnt feeling that feeling I got at 178. I feel energized and full of will power to continue.

I am currently 165 and dropping! I stopped eating gluten, I think I found I have intolerance to it and eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegtables. I also do weight training to help supplment muscle growth and I'm just really enjoying myself.

My dinner yesterday was Chicken breast (2 cups chopped) with Organic brown rice (1 cup cooked) with crumbled fresh cheese. Also had broccoli bisque and cinnamon tea. It was delicious and very simple.

What I'm currently doing in weight training:
deadlift 135lbs
squats 115lbs
bench 95lbs
snatch 65lbs

If you guys want to try any of the workouts please respond and I will be more then happy to share!!

09-07-13, 06:03 PM
So its officially been over a month!
I must say I'm addicted to exercise. I feel like I have released the beast within. My husband has been a great support. He has motivated me during times I felt I could skip a work out and helps me tremendously during my weight lifting.

As far as my weight I am down five pounds. I had been flucuating in weight, but I started to notice the muscle I was gaining. I feel so much more energetic and stronger.

But now as I have achieved my routine, there are a few things I started noticing.
The imbalances in my body are preventing me from being able to rack more weight. My weaker areas are my hip adductors and abdominal muscles. I also started getting shin splints which make it hard to run fast.

Here is what I am going to change for the next few weeks.
Instead of running I will use the elliptical or stationary bike.
I will work on core exercises that isolate my abdominal region.
Stretch out all the tense muscles on a daily basis.

I will keep posting my progress!

11-26-13, 04:32 PM
Love hearing about your routine and your successes. I have been working out with a trainer for 2 months, 3 times a week. I haven't lost any weight but have lost 7 inches overall. I feel much more fit, strong and my balance is better.

Keep up the good work and keep the posts coming!