View Full Version : Mystery Solved *warning graphic horror story*

08-26-13, 11:27 PM
Julian opened the front door. As he walked into his driveway, he was met with a scent that definitely didn't line up with the suburbs in spring.

The stink of flesh and blood. He gaped and retched when he saw two bodies in the back of his car.

They no longer had heads. He bent over, vomiting into the grass. The metallic smell of blood was thick in the air, the sight of the headless corpses branded into his memory.

In bloodred letters behind him, painted on the door: WATCH YOUR BACK. He gasped.

Those hadn't been there before.

He looked around his yard, eyes darting from tree to tree, house to house. What kind of sick psychopath would do this? He couldn't see anything suspicious.

"What am I going to do, what am I going to do, what am I going to do?" He clawed at his hair. This was a situation no one ever had to deal with. Never.

He called the police, who arrived in a matter of moments. He was thoroughly questioned, to the point where he wouldn't have been surprised if they asked him when he last pooped.

They left with promises to keep an eye on his area, and to keep his doors locked. Julian rolled his eyes. He could have figured that out. It didn't take a rocket scientist.

That night, the policeman on duty watched as Julian slipped out to his car and drove off. He didnt think much of it, at the time.

The next morning, Julian woke and went outside, only to be met with the wretched sight of a dead body in the backyard. He gasped for air, horror seeping through his body. Red letters were sprayed into his yard. YOU COULD BE NEXT. He shivered with fear.

The policeman didnt know what to make of it. They were doing the best they could, he assured Julian. Julian huffed. The killer had been in his backyard. Hell. In his house, maybe!

Julian spent that day boarding his house up, much to the curiosity of his neighbors. By nightfall, he had boarded it up enough to withstand a zombie attack. The policeman was stationed in a different place from the night before.

Once again, Julian pulled out of his driveway, driving his car, late that night. Once again, the policeman thought nothing of it.

Maybe he should have.

When Julian's eyes opened the next morning, all he saw terrified him.

His walls, floors, bed covers, streaked with dried blood. Another body on the floor, beheaded and cruelly slashed, lying in a frighteningly large pool of blood. The gruesome sight of the head, blank eyes forever staring. On the mirror: YOU ARE DOOMED.

It was written in blood.

The policemen could tell him nothing. Julian had always known they were incompetent, but this would baffle even the best officers. He boarded up his house even more. No light came in from outside. A policeman was in the house, with Julian.

That night, the policeman heard stirring. He was instantly alert, on the lookout for the perpetrator.

He gasped. Julian staggered out to the kitchen. He held a knife. His eyes were dark and glazed over. The policeman was frozen in fear as he watched Julian slice his skin open, blood dripping from the wounds. The knife tore flesh and muscle from bone, tissue and blood mixing on the floor.

"Stop!" He yelled, finally finding his voice. "You'll kill yourself!"

Julian continued slashing at his skin, the cruel tearing noises of skin continued. The policeman attempted to grab the knife. Julian struck out with his knife, slicing it against the man's throat.

The man fell to the ground then lay still. Julian's macabre slicing and dicing continued. His skin started to fall off in pieces onto the floor. Blood spurted onto the walls.

With a final gasp, he slip the knife across his own throat and fell to the ground, in his own puddle of blood, blood spurting from wounds from his feet to his neck.

His chest rose for the last time, then stilled.