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08-27-13, 08:06 AM
Hello, my name is Nikolay Perov, I am from Moscow, Russia. I run personal development website on Russian and English languages.

Among articles on my site there is a post "Coping With ADHD Without Drugs (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) 14 Methods"

This post is based on my own experience of coping with ADHD. Some time ago i wasn't able to focus attention, i was impulsive and impatient.

Because of ADHD i was not able to study and work well, i had problems in relationship, i smoked cigarettes and drunk a lot of beer. It helped to channel the excessive energy on some activity.

Now it's in the past. I don't drink or smoke, i can concentrate on working activity, i am calm and patient.

I want to share principles which helped me to cope with ADHD with people. I hope this article will be useful for someone.

Please feel free to comment in this topic or on the pages of my blog, i will answer your questions.

Thank you for your attention ;)

Here is the link

Coping With ADHD Without Drugs (