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08-27-13, 01:43 PM
I love making all kinds of crafts! Having ADHD seems to make it a bit difficult, though. I have to be *extremely* into a project to be able to finish it. If I had a dollar for every unfinished project lying around here.... well, I'd have enough money to go out and start a dozen more projects that I won't finish!

I just started taking ADHD meds a few months ago, and, I've noticed that now I can't stop a craft project once I've started it! Which might be a good thing! ;) I picked up a latch hook rug that I started (I kid you not) over five years ago. It's finally nearing completion! I just started school again, so, I've at least had enough sense to not work on it until after studying.

Here's some of the little things I've done:

Crochet aliens:

Twisted cross-stitch:

Yarn project case:

Gryffindor scarf:

Crochet catnip mouse:

What kind of crafts do you all like to do? And, do you find that there are some that seem to keep your attention longer than others? Have you found that something where you invent/create the pattern is easier to keep focused on than following a pre-designed pattern?

08-27-13, 02:10 PM
I really like your top image. What do you call them? They are Awesome
Do you sell them?

08-27-13, 03:51 PM
Thank you! Not my pattern, but it is here

I don't sell things, it's too much work to charge money for. I can't sell things that are made from someone else's pattern, though. What I do is if a friend wants me to make one, I just have them buy the yarn needed to make it!

09-22-13, 03:51 AM
Awee cute! I have been wanting to get into crochet recently :) Then again there is a lot of projects/things i've wanted to start on, hehe. They need to get me on medication already! :lol:

09-22-13, 04:14 AM
oh wow crochet!!!!!
i bought another book of instructons and pattens yesterday and it came with hooks and 4 little things of yarn
tought myself how to crochet in a circle this week ( i dont know english crochet vocab...)
so now making a thing to go on a round plantstand in our living room
i love your projects
i understand its a very obsessive hobby! i am still just a beginner :)
you dont have to follow the exact pattern either ! once i get the idea i just go with it.
i am just so excited to go buy yarn again but i should keep making small items maybe i dont know! stuff with flowers, i think i can finally figure out the patterns...

09-22-13, 04:26 AM
Hehehe, aliens :) Love em!

Know what you mean about being "into" it, guarantor sure... I got a toolbelt that I made in my pics :) Still gotta finish it bit I put it in service already :|

I gots 10 other projects 10% finished :)

09-22-13, 05:04 AM
I do re-purposing with stuff that's outlived it's original purpose. :)

Dry erase boards with old picture frames, bottle cap and cork mushroom ornaments, prescription bottle with a rock glued to the lid as a hide-a-key for a flower pot, fingerless hand warmers from wool sweater sleeves, wreaths made to honor someone's memory by using some old clothing, ties, bandanas, scarves, etc., etc........

If my hands and brain ever catch up with each other, I'll be damn near dangerous. LOL

The lamb embroidery made me giggle. Saw a sticker today at a festival that said, "Eat Beef! The west wasn't won on salads, ya' know."

09-22-13, 12:43 PM
I knit and sew by hand. I've done both since 6 years ago, but I'm in no way a regular crafter - just a few weeks per year or so :p

I recently started knitting during lectures because I noticed how I spend most of my time doodling around in lectures anyway, so I might just as well get something useful from it.

I'm currently knitting gloves for my friend. Dark blue with white lines - "sailor gloves" :) I will also use white fabric to make paws in the palm of the hand.

09-22-13, 03:05 PM
....Many years ago, a friend of mine married a helicopter pilot...he got a job working for the forest service up in Wyoming or Montana or some other such wild and wooly empty western state.....they bought a large 5th wheel trailer for their truck ( those really are BIG) ...and she was showing it to me and my first thought was ....what are you going to DO with yourself all day long .....she couldn't work, they'd be moving around too much, she didn't read, and taking care of the trailer wouldn't take much time.....

.....But most of all ....she didn't make ANYTHING !! she had never created a thing in her life !!!

.....Shocked the bejabbers out of me !.....I could not imagine a life where I don't make stuff....lots and lots of stuff.....

.....I had a job for 2 shows at a vaudeville and melodrama theater ....designed and made the costumes for both the V and the M, with 10 actors.....lots and lots of costume changes, and they had to be able to get in and out of them FAST ! not to mention stay in decent condition for the 6 weeks each show ran, and there was all kinds of activity onstage, up to and including cartwheels and roller skating....worked about 90 hours a week for $82.47 ,....( well it WAS a long time ago but still.....)

.......I was responsible for about 40 to 50 costumes total for each production, and had 6 weeks to do it .....

.....I simply loved it ....all my other work, both fine arts and crafts, were a single person kind of thing, and working with others was wonderful but took a while to get used to ....I had been responsible for a serious part of a whole production ...if I didn't do it ...the whole production would suffer ....

....then I also worked at the Pasadena Historical Museum .....helping to put up the shows.....a lot like theater work, but with items instead of costumes ...the same working for a time, and then the rush that happens the last week before opening ....did everything from painting the movable flats they used to hang pictures from "sculpting with bubblewrap" ..where I had one manikin and one tailors I had to add a head to the dummy, and then find a way to make it fit believably under a large jacket that the ushers at the '84 LA Olympics wore ...I wrapped bubble wrap around the dummy and then poked it with pins to give it the right shape ....still cracks me up ,..*snert* sculpting with bubblewrap..heehee ....

...I also matted and framed about 30 pictures for the first show

....My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was 6 to give mom a rest occasionally ....

....My parents gave me an old black Singer for Christmas when I was 13,....made, well tried to make, a very complex skirt, which ended up crumbled up at the back of the closet ( the skirt, not the sewing machine, crumbled I mean) and I didn't touch it until I moved to Sonoma when I was 21,....found a bunch of girlfriends there who all sewed and I dragged mine out and learned to really sew.....and then I learned how to do stuff like set in sleeves, cuffs, collars, waist bands when I spent a week in Denver ...another friend picked me up in Kansas, where I had been visiting my grandparents, we drove to Denver and found a store down the road from where we were staying with another friend that had the cutest ever fabrics for 49 cents a yard ( this was also a long time ago) , had use of his roommates sewing machine....and spent a week sewing like madwomen ...I went home with 2 new outfits ( skirts and blouses) and a whole bunch of shiny new skills.....

.....and I have hogged the spotlight long enough ,....I'll tell about other crafts at another time ....

09-22-13, 05:00 PM

That's my laugh for the day. :D

09-23-13, 10:45 AM
.....But most of all ....she didn't make ANYTHING !! she had never created a thing in her life !!!

.....Shocked the bejabbers out of me !.....I could not imagine a life where I don't make stuff....lots and lots of stuff.....

o.O I can't imagine that either! lol that's why we have hands with opposable thumbs..... so we can make things!

09-23-13, 02:52 PM
Here's a link to my latest stuff....I can't get photobucket to co-operate ....I have to close everything but PB and the site I want to send it to ....whata pain .....

09-26-13, 12:55 PM
I like to craft too...... Sew, a little bit (very little) crochet, cardmaking, just about anything and I too have many unfinished craft; I can't do any of them for a long period. right now I am in to sewing. I am struggling with a uniform top which reminds me I have to call one of my church friends to help me.... so I can get it done. LOL I did one but don't know why this one is giving me grief:(

Selleh.... your items are to cute!!!!

09-26-13, 06:44 PM
Here's a link to my latest stuff....I can't get photobucket to co-operate ....I have to close everything but PB and the site I want to send it to ....whata pain .....

Those are fantastic! What a great idea!

10-07-13, 08:27 PM
I own a antique restoration company with is my hobby and my job.

10-08-13, 07:14 AM
Beautiful stuff! :D