View Full Version : Sensory issues on meds for ADHD

08-28-13, 01:46 PM
Has anyone noticed their children getting worse with sensory issues after going on meds for ADHD, or maybe it has just become more at the forefront for us right now? DD started Concerta a month ago and I've noticed more issues with her SPD, mostly her clothing right now (my dd is wrapped in a blanket right now because she can't stand any of her clothes)

09-04-13, 04:49 PM
I do! ... well. Sortof...

When I'm on Adderall and it's working well (had daily vitamins/supplements, enough sleep, no gluten), I'm usually alright. It's when they start wearing off that's a big issue. But I've had problems when I'm on medication as well, and they got to extreme levels a few months back.

Here's why (from what I can tell)... : When the ADHD brain tries to concentrate, it produces slower/lower brainwaves (like when someone gets tired) rather than faster/higher brainwaves like they would when a neuro-typical person tries to concentrate. As a result, in an effort to even stay awake, the ADHD brain says "be hyperactive!" Like a kid who is obviously tired but hyper, nonetheless. It can be external (normal hyperactivity) or internal (racing thoughts). So all this extra physical or mental activity is all an effort to raise nervous-system stimulation levels. When we take a stimulant to correct our ADHD symptoms, it stimulates more than just our brainwaves. Our entire nervous system "wakes up". So my theory is that if some systems are understimulated and others are overstimulated, then raising the stimulation level across the board would push any already over-stimulated systems farther.

With me, a few months ago, my auditory system went crazy! When stimulants where in full effect, I was able to better handle it because I could somewhat regulate my emotional state. When they started wearing off at all, though... *POOF* and I'd be a hopeless overstimulated heap. Then I would start panicing over my panic feelings and the sensation of being trapped and not able to get away, and THAT pushed things over the edge.

I'm on another medication now, on top of my adderall. It's "Latuda", an a-typical antipsychotic to help with bipolar depression. The particular neurochemicals that it down-regulates ended up helping my sensory issues, but they're not completely gone and I do have meltdowns. I'll be seeing someone soon to assess if I'm actually on the Autistic Spectrum (my parents are) and to see what kind of Occupational Therapy I can do to help. Until then, I've made sensory toys, plugged in my lavalamp, done little 10minute mindfulness meditations (free from this site (, do skin-brushing, ask my hubby for bear hugs, exercise and take long baths. They all help SO so much. The biggest ones for me are exercise and mindfulness (even if it's just 20 min of a half awake nap, it helps). I also play a XBOX 360 Kinect game called "Leela" that helps a LOT.

I hope all that helped a bit! :)