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08-29-13, 05:46 AM

Paper referenced within the article.

Everything generalizes back to Western disorders being caused by Western $tyle (and hence $tre$$ful) living.

Food and Shelter to all by contributing personal time/effort and ALL diseases (the ones which the evil pharmaceutical* (just give me all your money) companies love) will go away.

Chronic stress exposure through fear (ubiquitous) of access to survival essentials.

All of the news stories currently in the UK feature rising house prices, energy prices and food prices.

That's the simple basis to disease.

The stress of living in a society which is making just plain basic survival harder with each passing minute.

08-29-13, 05:59 AM
If inflammation itself is truly behind the pathophysiology of psychiatric ( disorders (and there is a lot of data suggesting this is the case), then somewhere in the archives or future of this publication will be the holy grail linking inflammation via diet ( and lifestyle to actual brain pathology.Chronic psych. stress -> Stress hormone resistance -> Loss of Inflammatory control -> Pro-inflammatory -> Microbiomic changes -> Dietary changes -->-- disease, disease, disease.

Note - disorders of Western living are environmental.

Aetiological basis is not microbiomic or genetic - it's due to living in thicko world where everybody is nasty to everybody else.
Make food/shelter a birthright to all citizens through payment by their own time/effort and all diseases will up and go away.

Even the greatest advocates of complex disease genetics accept this.
"It is unlikely, however, that the genetic makeup of stable populations can change significantly within one century, so the probable cause of the epidemic must lie in the environment."


Game over ??

08-29-13, 06:03 AM
Absence of chronic psych. stress -> Absence of comfort eating -> State of ketosis held -> beta-hydroxybutyrate as probiotic -> happy gut bacteria -> happy mind.

the holy grail linking inflammation via diet and lifestyle to actual brain pathology.

Brain pathology connected to living life in a societal environment in which you are required to be immoral in order to exist

08-29-13, 06:20 AM
... ... exposure to stress (the mean mouse, or restraint) led to "a reduction in microbial diversity and richness." In addition, exposure to the stressor led to a significant increase in IL-6 levels. Interestingly, the specific genus of the population of microbiota were significantly related to the generation of IL-6.

A major human stressor - "the mean mouse"

Microbiomic changes are downstream of the effects of chronic stress
- and so need not be considered, at least, if disease prevention is desired.

All we need is a fair society in which "mean mice" can be bypassed - and can be made not to have any impact on our lives.
Soon enough - all people'll move away from mean mice
- and the mean mouse will have cause to repent.

In this current world - the mean mouse gets on -
- and so as such is the one that people have to 'serve' in order to survive.

As demonstrated in the publication above - everything collapses (including the human microbiome) under chronic psych. stress.

It's kinda' obvious though really.

08-29-13, 06:25 AM
The editorial quote of note:
The strength of implementing a truly integrative systems approach when studying stress physiology has never been clearer than in the work by Michael Bailey and his colleagues in this issue of the journal. These scientists investigated the impact of stressor exposure on multiple physiologic symptoms, including the intestinal microbiota and the immune system. These data reveal dynamic interaction between these systems when orchestrating the innate immunological stress response.
So yes, they control your brain (well, at least a mouse's brain, but I don't have a compelling reason to think that humans are immune from the general principle). To some extent. Best keep the beasties happy [with] probiotics

- where - I'm pretty sure that beta-hydroxybutyrate is the ultimate probiotic.

And you get to make that yourself - but can only make it when you're chilled out, not stressed
- and able to get into the ketosis zone.

08-29-13, 06:26 AM
And that probiotic also represents a (surprise surprise) treatment for cancer, inflammatory, neurological and psychiatric conditions.

08-29-13, 07:00 AM
The beasties live in a "largely stable climax community" in our guts as the result of natural selection for species best adapted to our habits and personal nooks and crannies.
Within the colon there are over 500 bacterial species, making up about 95% of cells in the body. In effect, we are living, breathing, bacteria-carrying monsters!

Human beings are beastie carrying monsters.

All well and good - as long as human beings desist from behaving like beastie carrying monsters and welcome a global village in which equality is fixed
- by allowing all people access to the survival essentials of food/shelter through contribution of their own time/effort.

Nobody from King Simon Cowell to Queen Rihanna gets to get away without doing its/her fair share.

08-29-13, 10:54 AM
changes in the neuroendocrine
environment caused by stress led to significant
alterations in the growth or invasive properties of the host
microflora allowing them to translocate to and colonize
internal organs.- from -
Stress induces the translocation of cutaneous and gastrointestinal
microflora to secondary lymphoid organs of C57BL/6 mice
Journal of Neuroimmunology 171 (2006) 29 – 37

Now - why ?
First guess - bacteria flooding into to degrade us - in case the stress we're under heralds imminent death.
A recycling method ?

Like the metastasizing cell - the bacteria hitches a ride on the lymphatic system to colonise the body - when the time comes to do its work ?

Certainly with many of the fermented foodstuffs - the fermenting bacteria are present on the plant itself when alive
- and begin fermentation upon death of the plant.

Perhaps bacterial translocation from mucosal/external surfaces when we're under stress - is the mechanism by which we're recycled back into re-usable organic components.

If so - you've really gotta' hand it to Mother Nature - she's a real tidy girl.

08-30-13, 11:01 AM
An Epidemic of Absence: A New Way of Understanding Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases
An Epidemic Of Absence explains that the massive rise in autism and autoimmune diseases is due to the changes we have made both in our environment and also the ecosystems that exist within in. The book does not advocate a return to the dark ages when we had no understanding of germs, but that we need to stop thinking of all bacteria, virus's and parasites as enemies that have to be erradicated, and that a balanced peaceful coexistance with many of them is essential to our health. See post # 1

Human $tre$$edne$$ destroys human microbiomic diversity.

Everything generalizes back to Western disorders being caused by Western $tyle (and hence $tre$$ful) living.

08-30-13, 11:08 AM
Thing is, and sadly it's pretty obvious.

So, why has no body noticed it before ?

Because you won't find something, unless you look for it.

Medical research has focused on the breakage of body and not breakage of mind.

What does breakage of mind mean ?
On psychological stress.

And what is psychological stress ?
Fears relating to continued survival.

And what is the only threat to human survival ?
Having no source of income.

We live in a world in which money is absolutely essential for survival, a world in which it's relatively hard to come by - and as such, it presents us with the core basis to psychological stress and thereafter to disease.

That's all there is to it.