View Full Version : Starting Straterra this weekend

08-29-13, 11:20 AM
My son is 13 and had ADD. He has a very outgoing fun personality but he just can't focus in class, He is a space cadet. He has taken stimulants since 3rd grade with great results. He has excelled in school. Without the meds, he just can't engage in the class. He is mentally not locked in. This year he started 7th grade, and with all the class switching there is much more interaction and socialization. For the first time he doesn't want to take his medication. I take him off of it for the summer, and now that he has started back - at a reduced dose even - he says it makes him a zombie. He doesn't speak to his friends and just sits there, unable to interact with his friends. Even his friends comment about it.

The doctor has suggested trying Strattera, the non-stimulant. Are there any other suggestions? I know everyone reacts differently to all these meds, but I have read some crazy side effects. ANd it takes awhile to kick in. Hoping this will work and he can still engage in his classes, but keep his personality at the same time.

08-29-13, 04:42 PM
You need to give out more details. Which stimulant, which dose, which stimulants you have already tried?

Erectile dysfunction and decrease of libido are unfortunately very common side effects with Strattera.

I would still try the Strattera, it works for some. Wellburtin usually helps slightly with ADD symptoms. You might want to try wellburtin while you figure out what is your next move.