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08-31-13, 04:18 AM
hello forum,

I'm 56, diagnosed around 5 yrs old, Ritalin for a year until my mother said 'no more', since it made me hyper as hell. I'm of the 30% for which "the usual" doesn't work.

I'm in Ashland Oregon and I'm looking for a referral to a doctor who works well with intelligent self-directed patients who've done their homework and can provide evidence-based rationales for their pharma preferences.

I've done two years of extensive research on the theories of ADD and on my particular combination of phenotypes, comorbid conditions, other health-issues and their interaction with ADD and ADD-meds, side-effect tolerances for ME, etc.....and I want a doctor who's glad to work with me on MY choice of pharmas, including off-label prescriptions, without a hard time...and who'll enjoy being my mentor and health-monitor as I implement my plan.

(my selections are generally NOT controlled substances...I am not at all interested in 'drugs' for 'fun').

Hopefully a doc who's also a wonderful GP, to partner with me on all other health issues over the years.

ps; when I say 'doctor', I mean MD...a psych would be a 2nd resort, not my first choice...altho if you know of a great psych who meets my main criteria above, I'd appreciate that name for future ref in case of need.

If you know of such a doc....please PM me!

thanks so much

08-31-13, 05:24 AM
Im curious as to why you wouldnt want a p-doc for adhd or a mental condition? They are generally the best equipped in handling an adhd diagnosis.

08-31-13, 04:54 PM
hello sarah,
I don't need 'diagnosis'. As I said... I've been diagnosed before, and I'm fully aware of myself and my conditions throughout adult life, and I've done the research to know what is unique to me and what compounds are likely to treat MY particular combination of comorbids and ADD without nasty sides...and I also have several 'regular' medical issues to deal with. Thus, a GP who'll work with me on MY choice of pharma, and enjoy mentoring and monitoring my journey, and can also work with me on finally healing this old shoulder injury an optimum choice, for -me-. Probably not for everyone...but for me, that's first choice. :)

08-31-13, 07:03 PM
Good luck, it's unlikely you'll find a doc on here. You might try your local adhd groups.

09-04-13, 04:37 PM
thank you Ginnie :)