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09-02-13, 09:11 PM
If you aren't familiar with what a "goof list" for a movie is, then take a look at this list of goofs for the movie "Rocky", as found on IMDB:

The way you play this game is you "finish" the goof that the previous poster started at the end of their post, and then at the end of your post, you start a new goof for the next person the finish.

So if at the end of the previous poster's post, you see...:

During the scene where they're being chased through the streets of Manhattan by the mafia,... might respond at the top of your post with something like this:

...if you look closely at the reflection of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile in the shop windows, you can see that the guy driving is the one-eyed man with the dachshund, even though it wasn't until later in the movie when the mafia had lost their trail in the meatpacking district that the one-eyed man with the dachshund hijacked the Weinermobile.

So here goes. Finish the following goof, and then start your own goof...

When they're crouched hiding behind the crates in the back of the warehouse while the mafia is searching for them with flashlights, and the rat is almost done chewing through the crate...