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02-25-05, 04:53 AM
Has anyone had one of these tests done? My son's consultant says diet makes no difference whatsoever and the only answer is to medicate. I don't want to do that.

There seems to be so much about diet and people saying how much their lives have changed that I'm tempted to try it. What do other people think? He rarely eats junk food so am wondering really about yeast and wheat but don't want to put him on an unnecessarily restrictive diet.

There also is a lot about supplements such as zinc. But my doc doens't know the answers of doesage, etc, and can you mix supplements, etc and my son's consultant says waste of time and money just give him strattera.

Can you tell I'm confused?!

toni paul
03-14-05, 05:21 PM
Go see a natrapath or homeopath.I do real good they treat kids too.I was bought up on a very natural wholefood way of eating as a child.I think it helped alot.I interchange between ritalin and homeopathic remedies nowdays.Its worth seeing a different approach other than the GPs:)