View Full Version : Hypercon -- Strattera substitute?

09-05-13, 07:49 AM
hi guys, i've ordered strattera online but have received this thing called hypercon, has anyone heard anthing about it? i googled the name, there were only few people commented that it is a genric atomoxetine, please help! does anyone know where can get real strattera online? without prescription!!:(

09-05-13, 01:58 PM
The manufacturer claims it is atomoxetine (same ingredient as Strattera).

However, there are a lot of counterfeit drugs on the market.

Was the pharmacy you ordered it from reputable (that is, did they require a prescription, do they provide physical location in their contact information, could you find evidence that they're a legitimate operation)?

Many online pharmacies are not so "upright".

Although it is possible that this is a legitimate generic substitute for Strattera, I personally would not take it without verifying that the pharmacy that sold it is legitimate and that the product can be legally offered for sale in the UK.

I note that you specifically asked for pharmacies that will sell the medication without a prescription -- this is usually an indication of a not-so-legitimate pharmacy. It's also inadvisable to take this medication (or others) without the supervision of a medical professional. Is there a reason you can't get a prescription?

09-05-13, 02:09 PM
Obtaining restricted meds is illegal under US law which is what our forum operates under. For that reason we can not help you with that.

09-05-13, 05:47 PM
thanks,Namazu, i could get a prescription from GP, very small chance but i really really need it soon, i had lots bad experience with NHS UK, the doctors always think you are exaggerate your condition, i had very bad headache which made my eyes black out and i was seeing double vision at one point for a year,went to see my GP for 6 times in 6 months, they told me there wasn't anything wrong with me, but it is a very serious issue, i am still on meds for that, so i dont trust them and i dont have time to wait another year