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09-06-13, 09:47 PM
So tired of this ****ing ****
if you don't like this
if you don't like me
you can go **** yourself

for all the mistakes I made
don't know how much of you I can still take
every time I forget
you don't help you condescend
every time I miss
you remind me with words colder than you coldest deadly kiss

you don't realize
how much of you I ****ing despise
I might not ****ing like it myself
you're my ever present living hell

over the pain I endure for every time I **** up
I' not gonna suck up you ****ing criticism
you can shut the **** up
for my own is enough I already live a prison

for once in you're miserable lifetime stop the narcissism
and learn to listen

it's impossible to bear guilt an entire lifetime
and having to take in all
the incomprehension of ******* NTers simple narrow minds

you're all the ****ing same to me
you can't show a grin of ****ing sympathy
if you haven't lived it yourself
you don't know how much I live a hell

why can't you for once just ****ing see
life is a struggle to me ?

are you to stupidly blind ?
or arrogant, or ****ing narrow minded ?

you don't care
pretend it's all so easy
every time you compare only all you see
to yourself and ****ing done it's more than I can bare

I know that, what if you'd enter my world ?
you'd react with 'oh, now I get it'
you'd see my troubles

you'd learn your lesson it'd open your eyes
put yourself in your next fellowman's shoes and grow wise

but i wish you could do that by yourself
don't need to be a psychologist to show humanity


09-07-13, 10:28 PM
Ok any reference to NT (I do NOT put people in categories but any word in the song just comes up and I don't correct - besides - it's a great word :D ) is definitely not meant and sorry about the language. I normally do not appreciate offensive language but this song expresses very strong feelings (resentment) towards certain individuals. So apologies for any offense taken.

Chorus :

I * hate you
for all you put me through
every single thing you do
so inconsiderate you pushed me to
the breaking point I no longer care I'm sick of you
tired of it if you don't like me I got some news
don't like the word but what I feel towards you is deep and true
* you (2x whispering + 2x low grunting + 1x loud growl)

This is based on Godmack's song with the same title.

Fingers... hum EYES crossed I won't get banned for aNOTHER message with a mouth to be washed with soap hum