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09-09-13, 07:39 AM
Its been almost six years since my Doctor put me on Adderall 20mg three times a day for weight loss, no questions asked. I never really lost any weight as a result of taking Adderall, but It did make me more active and turned me into a major sarcastic *****, which was completely out of character for me. Everybody around me noticed my mental and mood changes but me. It did make me focus more, I would do what I call hyper-focusing; meaning whatever caught my attention had my full attention and I never missed a thing.. God forbid someone **** me off, I would literally stay mad for months, I didn't talk to my Mom for ten months... I would spend 3 hours a day in the gym at least four days a week, sometimes more if I could swing it. I'd go days without sleep, then sleep three or four hours and start all over again...

I've been Adderall free for three weeks now, I weaned myself off of it... My side effects are extreme fatigue, I can barely get an hour in at the gym now, I'm only going two days a week, and now it takes everything in me to get off of the couch and go. I'm getting frustrated with myself, I feel like I should be doing more but I can't. Unfortunately, I'm exhausted all the time and I have migraines almost everyday, my blood pressure is high now, and I'm having heart palpitations...

I was never diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, like I said earlier my Doctor gave it to me no questions asked for weight loss.. I had never even heard of Adderall until he wrote the script. I was never one to be compliant with any kind of medication but with the Adderall I was. Everyone around me saw the changes
but me.. Its a powerful drug, I can see that now.

Does anyone know how long the withdrawal might last. I'm starting to feel like my old self again. How log will this last.. Will it get worse before it get's better? Or is this as good as it's gonna get??:confused:

09-09-13, 01:30 PM
Your situation is almost identical to mine. I was prescribed adderall about 8 years ago, while I was finishing up my senior year of college. At the very beginning, adderall improved most aspects of my life, I was on 20mg XR, then placed on 30mg IR, increased to 60mg IR and at one point, I was taking over 100mg/day.

This was gradual, and my ability to focus and interact with people became difficult over the past 3 years or so. I would hyperfocus, to the point where I would ignore obvious daily errands or chores - time would go by in a flash - I became less efficient in everything I did because of this. I had difficulty connecting with people, and my behavior became erratic. I wouldn't sleep for days, then crash for a week. In may of this year, I stopped taking adderall, I had absolutely NO energy for 2 weeks, couldn't even get out of bed, but after that, I slowly started becoming more energized.

About a month after I stopped, I was doing more things, had more energy than I did ON the adderall, and my social life was improving. You will be fine. It's tough to stop taking this medication for some of us, but it is possible. However, I am a dual-diagnosis case - meaning I suffer from depression and addiction. Today, I have decided to get back on adderall but at half the dose, because for some reason, I feel as if I cannot do any reading, blogging or even help my child with homework without it. I know I am making a mistake and there must be something else - perhaps connect with someone else going through the same thing, and talk about what we're going through, or therapy to be able to do these things, but for now I am taking my chances with the meds. I advise against it though. You seem to be doing well, you're going to the gym without any adderall! That was impossible for me for a month or so.

Anyway .. I ramble a lot but maybe this post will be of some help to you.

Good luck!