View Full Version : Who knows Cymbalta?

09-09-13, 07:30 PM
I'd like to get some input. Is this a good AD?
Can it be compared to wellbutrin?
What kind of an effect does it have? Does it make you tired and gain weight?
Does it increase anxiety?

And could Cymbalta be combined with Ritalin?

09-09-13, 10:28 PM
When I was initially on Cymbalta, I did notice some effects that helped me deal with organizing things that normally I couldn't tolerate. However, this effect wore on shortly.

If gave me a bit of insomnia at first, and caused me to sweat a lot at night. I found that Wellbutrin worked much better for ADD symptoms, but it ended up giving me high blood pressure so I stopped taking it.

One thing about Cymbalta is that you will hear a lot of people talking about bad withdrawl effects. I can personally attest to the fact that my withdrawls were very difficult and prolonged. It wasn't until I was on Luvox and Wellbutrin that I began to feel normal again (no brain zaps). (Luvox alone didn't cut it)

09-10-13, 04:13 AM
I have been on cymbalta for about 9 years, it is classified as an SNRI. I forget which class wellbutrin is but I think they are different. It saved my life. I was in the hospital following a suicide attempt and after 2 days I seemed like a different person.

09-10-13, 08:19 AM
Wellbutrin - NDRI.

09-10-13, 10:39 PM
Hi, this sounds scary.

I mean I don't want to try a drug which is known for causing bad withdrawals. This seems like a very huge risk to me. I mean I can't use any additional withdrawal problems. :(

How fast does cymbalta cause withdrawal issues? I mean let's say you take it for 4 weeks and it doesn't work and you get off it then will it already cause problems after this short time?

I was on wellbutrin and it didnt work for me at all. I was on 300mg for 6 weeks. No withdrawal issues I stopped cold turkey.

@ sarah

After 2 days already? Can it even possibly work that fast? Did they give you something else besides cymbalta which could have explained this?
And did you have no problems getting off it?

I don't know. I already told my doc I dont want anything which is known for withdrawal issues and still he recommended cymbalta. :/

I just read you're BPII. Are you taking stimulants? Can you even take stims when you're BP? Does this not make the mania risk worse?