View Full Version : Powerful video about Aspie's - (for ADHD'ers too I think)

09-11-13, 01:04 AM
I found this video very powerful and I wanted to share it. I like that it's not overly emotional or a tear jerker. Just a professional Aspie speaking openly, honestly and directly about what it's like. I live with some of these symptoms and I found it very clarifying to watch this.

The misconceptions abound and some REALLY bother me. I have a dear life long friend whom I told that I have mild Asperger's (or have some symptoms.. I can't remember, .. it was a shock when he said it, and now it's sinking in..I definitely identify with it.. I keep meaning to ask him to clarify). Anyway my friend literally didn't believe me at first. He said:
No, can't be!! But you're so emotional, personable, warm... and so funny!!
For a second I wanted to punch him.. but then I wanted to maybe hug him, I wasn't even sure... little of both. On the one hand:
1. Don't say Aspie's aren't emotinal!! THWACK!! on the other hand:
2. Thank you!! I've been telling people my whole life, I AM NOT COLD!!! Finally!

(But for the record, he was caught off guard and no one cares more about me and has my best interests in mind more than he.. so he's forgiven.)

09-17-13, 01:16 AM
I relate to that video in so many ways. I'm not mild Asperger's by any means. I'm like to poster child. I don't relate to all things in the video as I've learnt many skills and I still get really awkward when it comes to hugging. With me it's not about not having empathy or having too much (though recently developed bipolar would make me seem that way) it's about having empathy in a narrow focused sort of way.

I've noticed at times even when I talk quite comfortably with my friends a stranger would come into the group and I'd give the impression that I don't care about them; it's just something new and unusual. Her description about change is good too. I always find that the hardest thing to explain because I know most people don't have as much difficulty adapting to it as me.

I'm more the type that would punch a person (not literally of course) someone for denying I had Asperger's. Without my ADHD meds I don't appear to show many emotions except for anger.

Thanks for sharing.