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09-11-13, 02:32 PM
I have been on 2 Tbsp a day for over a year. After 3 months I noticed I could remember phone numbers... something I wasn't able to do for over 10 years. Its like my short term memory has been restored.

Its brain fuel at its best. Even if your body doesn't process glucose well, MCT will nourish and energize the brain regardless.

I got a friend of mine to try it. His wife said the black circles disappeared from under her eyes in 2 weeks. Nice added bonus. They ordered 20 x 32 ounce bottles of it so that they could start their children and close friends on it.

I told another friend about it. Being an ob-gyn surgeon she was skeptical. I gave her some notes and referred her to some studies. About a month later she said she was using it for herself and her family. "Its amazing that a substance that is so innocuous can be so effective" were her words.

Mary Newport MD has a website dedicated to its use. She uses it to treat her husband's Alzheimers. She wrote a book about its effectiveness: " Alzheimer's Disease, What If There was a Cure ? "

According To Dr Newport, MCT Oil and/or Coconut Oil can potentially be effective for several neurological diseases.

The effects of MCT are stronger, however, they last 4 hours versus 8 hours for coconut oil.

I suggest looking into it if you haven't already done so.