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09-13-13, 09:58 PM
So I go to my GP, talk to them about the symptoms and they refer me to a psychiatrist? Do I have any say in where I want to be referred? Am I entitled to say that I want to be referred to Maudsley?
Do the psychiatrists write prescriptions for medicines? If they do, will I be able to get the meds free since I get prescription medications free on the NHS (HC2 certificate)? Do most chemists stock the meds or will I need to go to a certain place to get them?
I go to university in Lancaster (have 2 more years there), I come back to London in the holidays, so where should I have my diagnosis done? How regular are the visits to the psychiatrist after diagnosis? Can I get diagnosed in London, then go for visits at another psychiatrist in Lancaster?

09-14-13, 09:11 PM
Hi Redstarx --

Welcome to the forums. I think if you do a bit of research here, you can find alot of useful information.

I can not really answer your questions.

You are in a different medical system than in the U.S. But, in the U.S. physical illnesses are treated by specialists in various areas of the body, mental issues are treated by specialists in mental functioning like neurologists or psychiatrists or psychologists etc. I believe it is psychiatrists can prescribe medicine but psychologists do not.

Whatever you are prescribed, you will have to take it as prescribed. For most ADD/HDers, they take medications for their lifetime. I do know that your medications may be changed due to how your react to them. My assumption is that you will go to pharmacy because most prescriptions are ready-made not mixed at the moment.

Hope that helps.

09-15-13, 12:12 AM
My assumption is that you will go to pharmacy because most prescriptions are ready-made not mixed at the moment.
MX2012: This is just a situation where English uses one word and American uses another word. "Chemist" in England is "pharmacy" in the US.

Yes, these meds are stocked by at least some chemists. However, some of them may decide to get them in by special order only, because this whole class of drugs is under a special regulatory system.

09-15-13, 12:26 AM
I'm in Canada, and our system is probably more like the US due to simple proximity if nothing else.

I have no idea about whether NHS allows you a say in where you want to be referred. Over here I was lucky enough to first go to a GP who knew exactly who I ought to be sent to, and made sure that was done. That GP spoke to me very quickly, constantly looked around the room, and seemed to have a hard time standing still. Not sure what his problem was. :)

However, I think the question of where to be diagnosed is probably similar in all the countries mentioned so far.

Most important, you'll want to go to someone who is good and who knows ADHD. If that already narrows the choice to one place or the other, then your decision is as good as made.

Second, convenience and sensible-ness of travel. If you were away from your permanent home for just a short time, then you would want to go back there for diagnosis. However, since you're away for 2 more years, it would (to me anyway) make "geographical sense" to do everything in Lancaster for the 2 years, and then transfer when you move again.

It's common to need several visits in relatively-quick succession at the beginning, when being diagnosed and while straightening out prescriptions and dosages, if any. After reaching a stable dosage of the correct medication, visits are usually much less frequent.

Hope this little information helps.

02-03-14, 07:28 AM
If I was to visit the USA for a year in a few years time. How would I go about getting my medication prescibed in the US?

I take Strattera.