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02-27-05, 04:40 AM
I wouldn't mind finding a person or a group to people to workout with. I get extremely bored trying to workout by myself and generally give up after a week or two, and I would really like to lose 20 lbs and get in good shape! Riding bikes in the summer would be enjoyable, but for now I guess a membership to a gym would have to do. If anyone in the metro area is up to it please send me a private message and we can discuss it further.

02-15-07, 02:17 PM
Hi, My name is Tim. I just starting poking around on this forum, and l like what I see so far. I, too, want to start working out and losing weight. I note you live in St. Paul. I work at Hamline Univ. in St. Paul. Maybe I could work something out so we could use the Hamline facilities and not have to join (and pay for) a health club.

02-17-07, 12:11 AM
Yeah thats not a bad idea. Let me know what you can find out.

04-22-07, 05:06 AM
I noticed in your intro post that you are (or were) going to Metro State. Are you still there? I am currently a student there and have about a year left. I also need to be getting some exercise. Now that the weather is warming up maybe it would work to take some walks in Swede Hollow?