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Blanched Dubois
09-15-13, 01:08 PM
Being empathic requires a great deal of care in order to maintain stability. On our survey, 90% of those answering indicate they are empathic, more than any other ability. Severe mood swings, clinical depression, and chronic anxiety are present in the worst case scenarios of the empathic person. How is this managed?

The first step is to understand grounding. When one is grounded, there is the ability to send unwanted energy away and also the presence of a strong positive energy. One easy way to ground is to send roots from your body into the earth clear down to the bedrock and anchor yourself there. (see the benefits of grounding) Relax into this feeling. See what you feel when you breathe in. However, do not concern yourself with "am I doing this right?" Many people keep a stone in their pocket to remind themselves to stay grounded.

The second step is to ask yourself if you have a reason for your feelings. If you do not, then they are not your feelings. Get rid of them. Do not let them affect you. How? Be grounded and push the feelings right out through those roots. Be sure the feelings are completely pushed out of your body. Remember, it is only energy and can be moved. If you do have a reason for overwhelming feelings, then it is a good idea to find someone who is qualified to help you through them.

Eventually you may wish to explore the source of the feelings, but it is best to gain control over unexplained emotions first. Remember, you are in charge of you!

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