View Full Version : Where time stops - dedicated to a loved one

09-16-13, 11:16 PM
I wrote this song when in love with a girl a met in Bournemouth.
Three years ago.

At last after all these years
When all lived were tears
Hope given up and changed my life
Finally the change of tide

Meeting her was the relief
the proof, the possibility and return of belief
So unexpected just for a change of residence
The despair was replaced and it was no more tense

If I had known her presence had been there before
There'd be no hesitation, no holding back because deep in my core
It's the light rising above darkness, it has overgrown
So perfect unlike anything thus far known

A feeling, how to describe,
Satisfied finally, stronger, more powerful it strikes,
With full capacity my heart and leaves it open vulnerable,
But why protect, no necessity to do so, since I gave her my soul,

No force on earth could compare its strength,
Because all that is bad and evil is laughable against it,
Darkness overruling it seems so cliché, but the conclusion is that I achieved the impossible,
Finding the one, the perfect, and her presence is soothing so much
Because regardless of the negative in he past,
Right now, right here where time stops,
Attachment is possible, and it's all my thoughts are about