View Full Version : intolerance of boredom, impatience, finding some relief

09-17-13, 08:13 PM
so im usually extremely intolerant of any boredom, at all, pacing smoking, all the usual

now that ive done just a few, not even good meditations, im beginning to look forward to boredom once in awhile

a lot of practice of focusing on the moment has really knocked down my impatience as well, substantially , although not always or anything

emotional acceptance training is playing a huge role in both, its a fascinating and complex process itself, amazing things come from it

im not sure why these things remain so ignored

09-19-13, 07:23 PM
so i went to went psychiatrist today, to get a medication (back to adderal here and there)

by chance, i didnt seek him out (referred ) he is very good and very well known

i can google him and massive amounts of pictures of him, rave reviews and accolades pop up, i usually cant even find my doctors on google

he is still very active in research

last time i was there he recommended a mindfulness book for stress, not for adhd

i told him, i was doing a few things out of it,

he looked at me dead serious , and asked how the mindfulness affected my adhd, i told him it helped but im winging it all on my own,

he then mentioned that "we" are coming across a large amount of evidence that mindfulness (a combination of types) can completely alleviate adhd in adults

i thought that was interesting considering his job is to write rxs