View Full Version : Pillsbury Pizza Pops :P

09-18-13, 04:15 AM
I know, I'm supposed to talk about good food, but they were half price and I had to leave really soon and... well...

I had had these things before, probably 15 years ago. At that time, they were a really poor substitute for pizza, and I'm sure they were not a healthy choice, but they tasted OK. The pepperoni was low quality, and the vegetables were small and soggy.

Now? Terrible!!! Thick thick thick gob of sweet dough, with some salty sauce. The poor-quality pepperoni and soggy vegetables are not a problem anymore - they just took all that out! The crust at least used to taste sort of like pizza, a bit - now it tastes like they just took the same dough from the cookies or whatever else they make, and tried to turn it into this.

These Pizza Pops used to be bad pizza. Now they're not even qualified to be called bad pizza; they're barely any better than eating crackers with ketchup. In fact, if you had some really good crackers, maybe that would be a better option. :scratch:

Avoid them.