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09-18-13, 07:03 AM
Hi there,

I just started strattera last night, ate a 25mg pill with dinner. I had a stomach ache all night long and couldn't sleep well...before taking the med, i was afraid of the sex/penile dysfunction side effect so this morning i went into the bathroom with you know what movie and already, i felt like i had an ejaculation before the real orgasm and it kinda hurt at the end....i was so devastated I am not sure what to do..

The thing is i have a masters degree and I know i am not the most concentrated person in the world and I forget when people talk to me and having difficulties to organize myself but it never put a wall in front of me. Now that I work professionally, it could be different and I feel like I am not performing up to the level they want me because I forget things or procrastinate etc.

But I don't want to live with side effects, not be able to have good sex with my wife and to not be able to have a couple of drinks because I need to take a pill..

Will the erectile problem go away after a few weeks? Also, I love a cup of coffee in the morning, it's one of my life's pleasure including red wine, I don't want to give all that because I'm taking this pill... My doctor gave me 7 days x 25mg, 7 days x 40mg and then 80mg.. I am 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. If 25mg gave me a 12 hour stomach ache and erectile problems, I wonder what 80mg will do.

I tried concerta last year. No side effects, was feeling well except I had some minor anxiety panics...I am a very anxious person, but more in terms of self esteem and anxiety about that's why this current doctor prescribed me Strattera because he said concerta could increase my anxiety...but at least, I felt i was living normally with concerta.....

Somehow, I do not accept my brain is like this :/


09-18-13, 02:15 PM
Hi, ugh, that sounds bad, I hope this problem doesn't last long.

I know for sure that coffee and Concerta can be a problem, but I don't know anything about coffee and Strattera. Because Strattera is not a stimulant, it might not be related to coffee in the same way that the stimulants are.

The people who have actual experience with Strattera will fill in the rest.

09-18-13, 04:51 PM
I just got through with a 30 day course of this and if you want to PM me I can give you all the gory details of what awaits. Some people have no side effects. I had them all, plus a bunch not listed anywhere.

That um problem won't get better. That's life if you stay on it. Quit while you're ahead because if you quit after you've adjusted to it your brain won't function correctly. Then you'll REALLY feel like you suck at your job.

Sorry to give you the bad news, and I'm sorry for all the side effects because it did work, but sucks all the joy out of your life while doing it. You're like an asexual robot zombie on the stuff.

09-18-13, 06:39 PM
That pace is way too fast. Ask for 10mg or 18mg strattera, start low go slow (2-3 weeks or more with each dose). If the side effects don't seem to subside quit strattera.

Why did you quit concerta again? You are in a lucky place if methylphenidate worked well for you. I would ask for short acting methylphenidate that way you have accurate control over dosing and if you start feeling anxious just don't take the next dose.

Are you being treated for the anxiety with therapy? If not you should be.

09-18-13, 07:17 PM
Well a search would reveal numerous discussions on this topic. The sexual side effects will lessen greatly after about a month, but they will still linger. I would take the pill before you go to bed, so that at night (sex time) more of the drug will be out of your system. Even though the painful ejaculation mostly went away, I still feel it a little. What didn't go away was my loss of sex drive and trouble staying erect. Its not a total loss, and I can still function most of the time, but it is still less than normal. In a way the loss of sex drive is nice, because sex isn't on my mind all day and I'm single.

09-18-13, 08:05 PM
workingmemory: yes, I am treated for anxiety. With 56mg concerta, it would somehow work but I had a 5-10 minutes anxiety moment like 1-2 times when i first started that dose. I did 18, 36 and 56. the new doctor tells me that's why he recommends strattera because of the anxiety issue, but at least concerta was good and could pop the pill after breakfast ...i hate the idea of having this kind of ******** in my system 24 hours.

At work, i need to analyse stuff and it's like i can't or don't have questions's like : ah ok to everything I don't care, and I can't really organize myself and I mostly forget what I read and stuff...