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09-19-13, 09:52 AM
Ok simple - don't believe in that stuff. But a friend of a friend of mine does spirituality and she can like connect with a beyond and others. So she can supposedly tell past and future lives. It sounded like fun - look what I got :

Hi Daniel

The following message is from your guardian spirit, which is very special indeed. They don’t usually come through with messages like this, you must really need it. I hope it helps you, in the way it is meant to help you. Please don’t hesitate to email me, with any further questions at any time. They do call us ‘son or daughter’ it is symbolic of their care for us.

With love


Daniel my son (your guardian spirit) You are here in this life time to learn the art of smiling at life. Your abusive child hood has put you in a position where you feel desperate enough to find that determination with in to get up and fight for happiness within. You have been put down on a personal level so that get up and fight for my own thoughts about the self is discovered and exercised. The dark thoughts in which you entertain yourself with is a mere distraction from those thoughts which you choose not to face time and time again.

You are afraid to face that loving good side of yourself, because it is the part of yourself which harbours the pain of the past. Your sadness will reside there and grow louder and louder until you decide to face the ordeal. When you do decide to face the pain, you will find a loving kind hearted young man, a beauty worthy of your attention. The true you. Is it not worth living in your truth. My dear son, I feel your pain everyday, and suffer with you. I wish for you to suffer no more. Find that determination my son and look within, do not distract yourself any longer and learn to be free. I love you dearly and want nothing more for you.

In looking to your pain, remember, the pain was placed there by others, it is not of you, it is not part of you, but an affliction you have taken on board and allowed to linger on by your unwillingness to face it. In not distracting yourself, all will surface for you to deal with, these times remember the pain was not put there by you, you don’t have to wear other peoples issues.

I will be at your side the whole way, I will cry with you and I will laugh with you, but most of all I will hold you and support you on your journey. My eyes will not turn away for one moment, i will always be aware of every second of your journey for I will be very near and will hear every call for help, so please call me when ever you wish, lean on me and will be there.

It's mainly stating I've got blue eyes. Yeah - good thing it was for free. And if he (or in my case more likely a she) knows me so well - then WHY THE HELL does she not know that I do like myself? At least half of the time, at some points so much I try hard not to be arrogant about it :D

Smiling at life ? Ignoring things ? I know where strong emotions come from and don't ignore anything. If an ADDer stops fighting he or she stops living AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DESTINY. The only destiny is your own personality, and as events have turned out to be, apparently mine is, aside from making people laugh (any objections ?) will be making music and capturing criminals. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I CHOOSE.

She 'talks' to me like she doesn't know how to 'connect' or get through to me at all. If it were true. Trust me, I'm gonna have a word with this lady, connecting with the beyond... Guardian angel... so only humans or also worms and if this 'being' always has been there for me, insinuating this being the case of others too :


I don't believe in God

No interesting stuff about past lives that would be remotely funny to read :(

09-19-13, 10:43 AM
how did this happen exactly?
the friend spontaneoulsly sent you an email with this "message from your guardian angel" to you, in an email?
or you had a crystal ball, palm reading type thing with a medium ???

very true. and if we had the answer to that people would not be seeking mediums and guardian angels.

(I really do believe in some kinds of spiritual connections, though, with relatives from the past. it's happened to me. but it is not like you described)

09-19-13, 05:04 PM
Forget future lives - I just want somebody who's kind and gentle and who can reliably see halfway through next week.

09-19-13, 06:07 PM
Practising religion is healthy. I personally think thats not because of beliving in God, but because there is SO MUCH TRUTH in the bible. I mean, ,they cover everything. It's so amazing.

09-19-13, 06:36 PM
Guardian angels are included in some belief systems. I don't need to know what they may be saying or thinking. Suffice for me to know that if they do indeed exist..they are manifestations of divine love.

The fact that I struggle every day with issues that most people don't have to deal with has not it any way diminished my faith in divine intervention.

I was asked by a well known local personality.. someone who is known to be an atheist... about 15 professional people were present.. if I had any faith or religion. You could hear a pin drop. All present seemed suddenly interested in what I had to say. I answered ..."I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God".

That person replied that I was lucky because she wished she could have faith. I had never looked at it that way. After reflection....yes, I am lucky to have faith.. she was right.

I believe that we are carbon based lifeforms created with a specific purpose.. to love one another and to love our Creator.