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09-21-13, 03:08 AM
So, I get pretty creative in the kitchen... But one off food prep just ain't workin...

I do really good with slices... I make healthy(ish) slices with cinnamon,cloves,ginger,vanilla,flaxseed,oats,whole meal-plfl and a few walnuts ( or hazel etc. ) + canola oil...

Now I wanna do something similar, but it should have vegetables... and pretty much every other food group that is healthy for us... ( that salty cheese? )...

So the only thing that comes to mind is a sausage roll type construction......

Maybe nori as the outside... slow cook / grill the moisture out of the mixture to make it pretty dry....

Anyway.... Just painting a rough picture...

Anyone with "golden" ingredients ( ones that are really healthy and contain lots of the essential nutrients ) fire away!

Anyone with "portioning / wrapping" ideas... Fire ways too :)

09-21-13, 04:44 AM
Do you mean feta? Why is that special? Isn't it just some salty cheese? I don't think it makes me healthia, only feta. ;)

Portioning and wrapping:

You could make your recipe loose and wrapperless, store several days' worth in a large bowl, and add fresh wrappers of your choosing when it's time to eat; or just have a bowl of it if you're tired of tying your food in knots before you eat it. :)

That plan leaves you free to add whatever good stuff you want to add, you don't have to cook it all (e.g. you could mix a little cooked rice/quinoa/whatever's trendy, with un-cooked vegetables, some kind of sauce, meat if you want that, etc etc).

When you go for a cooked slice-able type of thing, and you want a lot of vegetables, then it gets difficult to make the whole thing stick together without either a lot of eggs or a lot of something starchy. Going for either a more salad-like structure, or a more stew-like structure, opens your options a lot.

If you want baked, you could make some sort of vegetable muffins with a lot of good stuff in them, but there would be VERY serious art involved in making them not turn out (a) soggy (b)falling apart or (c) being mostly batter and not enough vegetables.

09-21-13, 04:53 AM
Nice DVD, yeah, I think I was getting a lil confused between fetta and cottage cheese...

I was making stew like stuff an I think i'm just over the consistency and ingredients.

Great idea with the muffins!!! and some sort of way to add texture prior to consumption!

-Quinoa.... will give it a go!

Ok, so looks like I just need a few more adventourous / superhealthy ingredients and i'm off!!! I've done pumpkin and spinach to death.... A bit of spinach I can still handle....

I guess I keep using the same spice mixtures too....Garam Masalas, soy, ginger.. A bit flavourly challenged me thinks ;)... With there was a "What are you flavouring now - Part II Thread" hehehe!

09-21-13, 04:58 AM
I sense a bit of a conflict between the super-healthy ingredients and wanting to have something fully-cooked and sliceable. Raw - or at least not well-cooked - is often better for you.

09-21-13, 05:04 AM
Quinoa is simple - just a tiny seed that you boil or steam for a bit. Supposed to be very good for you. Make sure whether what you've got is pre-washed or not; quinoa naturally grows a soapy coating on its seeds that definitely needs to be washed off before cooking, and if it hasn't been done by whoever packaged it, then you'd need to do it yourself. Rinsing with plain water is all that's needed to get the job done, AFAIK.

ana futura
09-21-13, 09:41 AM
What are "slices"? Is it like a bar?

09-21-13, 09:45 AM
Yup, that's what I was thinking...

Basically, I ride everywhere... So lightness and not needing refridgeration or heating are the key things.

I basically need to be able to grab it from the bag and eat it. And bar format works best for this.

09-21-13, 12:32 PM
Sounds like meatless meatloaf, my guess is there is a ton of different recipient for this.