View Full Version : I feel so relaxed... This is unexpected but welcome!

09-21-13, 05:41 PM
I started taking Wellbutrin SR today. I was prescribed 150mg, but was suggested by my primary to break it in half or quarters to start off from there, because Wellbutrin has the potential to antagonize ticks - which other meds have done in the past.

Mostly, I just wanted to come on here and say that I was very anxious about starting it and expected to be nervous, wound up, looking for something to do to keep me busy. Instead, I feel relaxed, mentally calm and moderately focused. My general anxiety/impatience?.. Well, just thinking of it makes me kind of want to shrug my shoulders. It's not an issue at all at the moment! I feel like I could (and possibly should) read a book, or watch a series I always wanted to watch but never had the attention span to do.

The only negatives I've noticed so far is a mild.. "headache".. I would call it, kind of in the back of my head/neck. Might just be from muscle tension, but I do not get headaches hardly ever so I am willing to bet it is related. Also, I feel a little groggy/fuzzy but I was told that is something to expect when starting this medication. It's nothing overwhelming though, by any means.

Granted, this is just my first day and I know it is still building up in my system, but I wanted to post this in case anyone else was nervous about starting it like I was. I have read a little online and it seems like Wellbutrin CAN and often does have a calming effect (at least at first) for those with ADHD. I am going to speak with my primary on Monday to confirm this, but maybe sharing my experience might help someone else this weekend who is nervous about starting their medication.

(diagnosis: ADHD, GAD)