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09-24-13, 10:18 AM
Valve has announced a new linux distro, SteamOS (, which will act as a gaming/media platform for living room computers, it sounds like. This is so exciting.

This past summer, I installed a living room box with Ubuntu 12.04 and hooked it up to my big TV in anticipation of the rise of the unwelcome Xbone (XboxOne) and inevitable demise of my Xbox 360. This was before Sony's PS4 unveiling at E3, and the future of gaming was a-swirl with dark rumors.

I chose Ubuntu because its Unity desktop works nicely on a big screen, and because of its fairly recent addition of a Steam client app. But now it looks like there might be an even better solution in SteamOS. The new distro is being touted as being able to play Microsoft and Mac games via one's home network.

This is just the first of three announcements to be made this week (, apparently. Here's hoping for a Steambox and HalfLife 3! Here's hoping for a real alternative, too.

Here's the video I saw:

09-24-13, 07:31 PM
Barbie Dream House and Felicity

09-25-13, 08:48 AM
Barbie Dream House and Felicity

Sadly the statement is lost on me. My sister had a Dream House, and I had a crush on Felicity Kendall ( in The Good Life, but my childhood is the only nexus for those two things for me.:)