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09-25-13, 02:40 AM
So i have been diagnosed with ADD since i was 16, i am now 19. But i have had a substance abuse problem since i was about 16 as well, to downers not uppers. I am now clean and sober for over 6 months. Due to my history i have never been able to get prescribed any ADD medicine that really works for me. I recently saw my psychiatrist about a week ago and she prescribed me 50mg of vyvanse VERY reluctantly. It worked the first day but ever since the first day it barely works, i hardly feel it. I even took two 50s one morning and i felt it a LITTLE more, but it only lasted about 4 hours and it wasn't really doing much those 4 hours.

I am no longer a junkie and i have no intention of abusing these medicines, i just want to be able to focus on school when i start in October. But the psych i go see knows about my past history of drug abuse so i feel as though the most she will do is bump me up to 60mg. The reason i am going to this psych is because my dad had me go there from a friend referral. Im just trying to think of the best way of going about getting either a higher dosage of Vyvanse that will work for me, or talking to my psych about getting a booster (i have been researching all night and the booster seems like something that would be perfect for me). I think it would be perfect because like i said i dont want a HIGH out of it, i just want to focus and do good. Being a recovering addict from heroin at 19 isnt easy and its sometimes hard to motivate myself to do what needs to be done in the day. So the booster seems perfect because i can take it whenever im going to have to focus the most in the day and really focus during that but then be fine during the rest of the day. Im just not sure the psych im seeing is ever going to be open to anything besides low dosage vyvanse and maybe moving me up to 60 which does not work.

Like i said im really not a junkie anymore, i just want help with my ADD and im not sure the psych i see will ever truly be open minded to trusting me with something a little more stronger. And i am on my dads insurance so i sort of have to go to whatever psych he wants me too. I just wish other people could realize im trying to be successful here, not just get high.

Thanks too anyone that can help me out.

09-25-13, 03:41 AM
Welcome to the forum.

How does the Vyvanse affect your work? You're really not supposed to feel it, it's supposed to just do its job. (which is to make you just do your job.) :) The impact on your work is the information you need to take back to the psych - not about how the drug feels, but about what it does. Stop trying to measure your focus; start measuring your pile of finished work.

Realistically, no psychiatrist is going to start out by trusting a 19-year-old former junkie who's only been clean for 6 months. That would be a crazy crazy risk for them to take. Because of the inconvenient history you've got, make sure to stick religiously to every last little instruction the psych gives you. They're not going to be giving second chances on anything.

I hope all this really works out well for you. Best wishes in everything you do.

09-25-13, 04:18 AM
Dvd is right, you really wont feel the vyvanse working, what you will notice is symptom control. Were any of your symptoms controlled? Is your diagnosis adhd? It is a huge risk for the doctor to prescribe you anything that could possibly be abused. It sucks, because like you said, you abused heroin, not uppers, but the pattern of abuse and addiction can sort of transfer over to a different substance because the behavior of abuse can sometimes be more like a habit in an of itself.

09-25-13, 10:32 AM
I mean I dont do much right now that requires large amounts of work. I dont start school until October 2nd. But i mean nothing is different and the first 2 days was like i was HIGH, i was just more focused and concentrated.

Im wondering if i should try to find a psychiatrist that doesn't know my history so i can be prescribed like a normal person. I honestly cant focus on hardly anything, its been that way most of my life. But it never mattered because I didnt care about school or doing good, and well now i do. Thanks for not judging me, and the advice.

09-25-13, 12:17 PM
A lot of people are a tiny bit buzzed on the first couple of days. That fades pretty quickly, as you've found out. That's normal for the first couple of days, and what you are feeling now is exactly what you're supposed to be feeling - nothing.

I'm sure you can find something that needs doing, somewhere. :)

It sounds to me as if your psych has nailed your correct dosage on the first try, though he maybe should have had you gradually work up to it to avoid that first-day buzz, especially for someone whose previous "habits" he knew about.

09-29-13, 08:51 AM
Umm. I am unclear as to what downer(s) you were addicted to? Someone mentioned heroin but I can't see you mentioning it?

If you were injecting, then I can understand your doctors concerned, but if you were not injecting, and you have not abused uppers, then I think his reaction is inappropriate.

However it sounds strange that you took two x 50mg and it does not really do anything? From what I understand this is a large dose? But I don't specifically know that much about this medication.

Also if you weren't injecting, and it wasn't heroin, calling yourself a junkie sounds harsh.