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09-27-13, 07:52 AM
Anyone else here have a kid diagnosed with mild dyslexia? What kind of treatment did you pursue?

DS8 just had vision testing done by a developmental ophthalmologist. It was a 4 hour exam, and they identified severe issues with eye tracking and switching focus. They recommended 24 weeks of vision therapy.

They also did a test called the Dyslexia Determination Test (DDT), in which he scored in the mild range for dyseidetic dyslexia -- this is the visual form of dyslexia where you have a good grasp of phonetic concepts but have trouble learning to recognize words instantly and so have to sound everything out every single time.

It finally explains why learning sight words was so impossible for him.

So I'm wondering where to start. What books do I read? If we go for a hugely intensive (and expensive) program (4 hours a day for 2 months), will he catch up and be fine, or should I expect this to be a struggle throughout his school career?

09-27-13, 12:29 PM
My daughter was dx with tracking, focus shifting, peripheral & depth perception problems when she was almost 8. I was sure she was dyslexic at the time. We began vision therapy immediately. It has now been 15months and she is doing much, much better. We were cleared in June for all issues except for saccades ( the fast focus shifting). This was her worst deficit and the one most affecting her reading. We took the summer off of structured weekly visits and just did the exercises at home because we both needed a break. We started again in August. She should just have another month and then we will start with a tutor to try to catch her reading up closer to grade level.

Four hours a day seems like a lot of time to spend on vision therapy. Does that include tutoring to assist with reading as well? My daughter is exhausted after 45 minute sessions. Add ADD into it and sometimes getting the 20 minutes of daily homework done can seem like an hour. lol

The good news is that we did see results. These are the books I read ( while I waited at the optometrist over the past 15 months)

The mislabelled Child ~ by MDs. Brock and Fernette Eide
Seeing through new eyes ~ Melvin Kaplan
Visual attention in children ~ Kenneth Lane

I would love to read this one, but haven't seen it in any bookstores. Should order it, but I never get around to it "How behavioural therapy can unlock your child's potential " by Joel H. Warshowsky

Overall we've been happy, though at a cost so far of over $6000 it is very difficult to stay the course when you don't see fast results. If I can help with any questions, just ask !!

Also, our Dr. prescribed reading glasses right away and this helped ALOT with the fatigue experienced. This allowed her to spend a bit more time on her reading right away. My older daughter was also dx with the vision issues, but to a lesser degree. They recommended VT for her a well, but since she was not having a lot of major issues ( no ADHD, excelled at school & sports) besides tiredness when reading we opted for just the glasses. Luckily, they were all she needed to successfully push through the volume of reading in her grades because we couldn't have afforded both in the VT program. Did your Dr. recommend reading glasses as well for the interim while you work on his vision?

09-27-13, 02:29 PM
The 4 hour program is at a center for dyslexia, the vision therapy would be only 1 hr/wk. No glasses were recommended in the report -- I have a consult scheduled next week to go over the results of the vision testing in person.

10-01-13, 10:31 PM
We chose to get a clearance from the optometrist that she was at least 80 % ish before we forked over money for additional tutoring or sent her to the mastering dyslexia centre in our town. I figure if her eyes aren't giving her brain the proper information I'd just be throwing my money away. With only about a month left in her VT sessions I am making plans for the next step which hopefully gets her reading up to grade level.